OMORI – Defeat Big Strong Tree in Omori – Walkthrough

OMORI – Defeat Big Strong Tree in Omori – Walkthrough 1 -
OMORI – Defeat Big Strong Tree in Omori – Walkthrough 1 -

A guide for how to defeat the Big Strong Tree EARLY in Omori, the VERY FIRST TIME you encounter it in the Vast Forest. Because it is possible, knowing virtually no extra skills other than what you have on hand at the moment you encounter the Big Strong Tree

When To Defeat Big Strong Tree in Omori :


 After you "wake up" in the White Room again, after getting thru Sunny's Home for the first time in the Real World, you'll exit after getting the  Map of Inner Space and the Hangman menu's to Neighbor's Room, where you will find your friends Aubrey, Hero and Kal very upset and asking if you have seen Basil, after being sent back to the White Room and stabbing yourself, leading you to wake up in the Real World. 
 Obviously, Basil is nowhere to be found nearby, at which point your friends suggest you go search for Basil at Basil's House past the playground. Upon searching it, however, Basil is nowhere to be found. Aubrey begins to panic before Kel helps calm her down, and eventually the suggestion comes up that Basil may have gotten lost in the Vast Forest, and that maybe you should go look for him there.
 The Vast Forest is filled with lots of goodies, but in particular is the monster Big Strong Tree. It is exactly what it sounds like--a Big, Strong Tree. However this tree has truly indomitable defense, and is immune to emotion. If you can figure out how to defeat it, you will be awarded 500 EXP which--at a time in the game when a standard battle may award you only around 16-36 EXP--makes Big, Strong Tree a valuable enemy to defeat. Furthermore, unlike other enemies in the Vast Forest, it does not re-spawn, meaning once you defeat it, another will not rise in it's place. 
 Many players, at this point in the game, choose to run after attempting--and failing--to even make so much as a dent in the Big, Strong Tree, but I assure you: IT CAN BE DONE.

Read Further to find out What You WIll Need to begin the process of defeating Big, Strong Tree upon first encounter---without ever needing to run away.


What You Will Need:

OMORI - Defeat Big Strong Tree in Omori - Walkthrough - What You Will Need: - 9A23142
Because of the early stage of the game, many people end up running away and giving up after attempting to make a dent in the defenses of the Big, Strong Tree. There is, however, a way to defeat this monster, with a little patience, planning, and preparation.
The timing that you choose to fight the Big, Strong Tree is crucial, as if you complete the “Search for Basil” task, you will be told to go back and talk to Mari, which will stall your ability to battle the monster tree for a while. Therefore, you should attempt this task from the early outset of the “Search for Basil”.
Here is what you will need:

  • A minimum of 300 Clams. As you leave Neighbor’s Room, the same snake that gave you an “allowance” of 50 Clams earlier will now give you an “allowance” of 200 Clams. If you spent the earlier Clams, don’t worry–it’s pretty easy to farm them from the Vast Forest. Alternately, you could go to the cave with the Ghost Dog, exit and re-enter repeatedly to collect some decent items, then go back to the mailbox at the playground and re-sell those items for Clams.
  • Omori’s Stab Ability. This will have already been granted to you earlier in the Game. If you will take note of it now, it says very explicitly that it “Always Deals a Critical Hit”, but that it ALSO “Ignores Defense When Omori is Sad”. This skill is what our tactics will hinge on.
  • 15 Apple Juices, at least. If you go to the blue mailbox at the bottom of the playground, near the entrance to the split forest path that leads to the Vast Forest, Train Station, and Basil’s Garden, you’ll notice he sells Apple Juice for 20 Clams each. It’s a little on the steep side, but these are essential to defeating the monster Tree. You will need them to replenish Omori’s Juice gauge throughout the battle. Preferably, to be safe, you really want around 17-20 Apple Juice, or items that will near-restore Omori’s Juice gauge.
  • Rubber Bands (optional). These aren’t necessary to defeat the Tree, but they will help lower it’s defense in a measurable way to allow your other party members to assist.
  • PATIENCE. LOTS AND LOTS OF PATIENCE. This will be a drawn-out battle, so you’re gonna have to stick to the method, and have a ton of patience while you watch the Tree’s Heart gauge gradually drop. But it will drop.

So just hang in there, follow the steps that will be outlined coming up, and you will absolutely defeat the Big, Strong Tree!!!

The Tactics:

OMORI - Defeat Big Strong Tree in Omori - Walkthrough - The Tactics: - 75C8AD4
The Big Strong Tree has virtually zero attack prowess, but boasts an incredibly ridiculous defense of 9999. In short, your attacks won’t even scratch the surface of this thing. Additionally, it cannot be inflicted with any Emotion, so if you were thinking about weakening its defense that way, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but it really won’t work.
As I said before, this fight hinges virtually entirely on Omori. If you will recall previously, Omori’s Stab ability deals critical damage and ignores defense when Omori is Sad. So that’s what we are going to do–Make Omori Sad!! In the first round, have Omori inflict Sad Poem on himself. As soon as you get the opportunity, use Kel’s Level 1 follow-up, and have him “Pass to Omori”. Kel will pass his ball to Omori and, with some luck, Omori will now be afflicted with “Depressed”. This will further raise his critical attack and further lower the Big Strong Tree’s defense. Don’t worry if this doesn’t work the first time–just keep trying until you eventually are able to afflict Omori with “Sad/Depressed”.
***Note*** If you get really lucky, if you are able, every now and then continue having Kel try and inflict Sad on Omori again to move him from “Depressed” to “Miserable”, however at this point in the game, depending on your level, that may not be possible, so don’t worry about it too much!!***
After successfully afflicting Omori with Sad/Depressed, at the next possible turn have Omori unleash his Stab ability!! You’ll notice that, whereas before you were unable to make even a DENT in the Big Strong Tree, now you are suddenly doing consistent, real damage. Have Omori do this every round, no matter what, for maximum effect…..however
…….you will notice that this tactic will severely drain Omori’s Juice, but not to worry–this is where those Apple Juice’s come into play!! It is highly unlikely that you’ll get another Level 3 follow-up again; however, if you do, your best bet is to use Hero’s “Call Omori” follow-up, as this will restore 20% of his Juice. In the meantime, make sure every 2nd-3rd Round or so, when Omori begins to run low on Juice, that you have dedicated one of your party members to continually give him Apple Juice to replenish his Juice before he runs critically low and misses the opportunity to use Stab. Aubrey is probably best suited for this task, as she is probably the only one without a solidly useful follow-up skill at this point. This is just my suggestion, though–honestly, any party member other than Omori can complete this task.
In the meantime, remember those Rubber Bands that we acquired earlier? They aren’t necessary, but if you want to include your other party members in this extremely one-sided fight, have them continually use Rubber Band’s on the Big Strong Tree to decrease defense and deal a bit of damage. You can get a ridiculous amount of them for free from the Ghost Dog I mentioned earlier in one of the caves in the Vast Forest. Just repeatedly enter/exit/reenter until you acquire as many goodies as your heart desires (incidentally, now is a great time to collect cans for free from the Ghost Dog to be used for a separate achievement later in the game, but it’s unrelated to the battle at present).
After continually using Omori’s Stab ability, with Attack Again Follow-Up’s and Rubber Band’s from your other party members as support, while continually remembering to replenish Omori’s Juice, slowly but surely the Big, Strong Tree will weaken, and eventually you will prevail. This battle will net you a cool 500 EXP, so it’s ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT!!
…, congrats!! If you followed the advice in this guide, you will have absolutely ZERO issues with defeating the Big Strong Tree relatively early in the game!! Hope you enjoyed this guide!!

Written by AshuraMaru

Hope you enjoy the Guide about OMORI – Defeat Big Strong Tree in Omori – Walkthrough, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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