OMORI – Fast Perfectheart Basic Strategies

OMORI – Fast Perfectheart Basic Strategies 1 -
OMORI – Fast Perfectheart Basic Strategies 1 -
Most of the Perfectheart strategies I’ve seen are RNG dependent tests of endurance and require large quantities of limited items like whole pizza — but did you know you can beat Perfectheart’s second phase in two to three turns through manipulating buffs?


Builds and Inventory

These builds use the Abbi equipment, Omori’s secret moves from the Lost Library bosses, and the Chicken Ball from Dino’s Dig 4F, but are not stat optimized (eg none of the secret sandwich room juice buffs). Honestly I didn’t put much thought into the equipment besides Kel requiring the Chicken Ball over his “ultimate weapon”, play around with it! Skills I don’t specify are free, but I would advise NOT to rely on Aubrey and Hero’s skills as the more juice you’re managing and the less you’re using their turns for healing the more likely you’ll lose momentum. 
Red Knife/Baseball Cap 
Stare — Lowers all stats of one enemy 
Suffocate — Lowers defense of all enemies 
Vertigo — Lowers attack of all enemies and damages based on Omori’s speed. 
Baseball Bat/Cough Mask 
Power Hit — Lowers defense of one enemy. 
KEL LV 50 
Chicken Ball (speed +200)/Headband 
Flex — Deals 2.5x damage next turn 
Run n’ Gun — Damages based on Kel’s speed. 
Ol’ Reliable/Flower Crown 
Tenderize — Lowers defense of one enemy. 
Smile — Lowers attack of one enemy. 
Gator Aid — Party defense boost 
(2) Sno-Cone — 5000 clams or exchange tickets at Frozen Lake. Full Heart/Juice heal and buffs all stats for one. 
(2) Coffee — Secret item from completing the quest in the big TV in Otherworld. Limitless but you can only get another after 20 screen transitions. Massively boosts speed for one. 
(1) Big Rubber Band — Purchased in Boss Rush room. Lowers defense of one enemy. 
(1) Poetry book — Just in case Perfectheart gets an emotion advantage in phase 1, but you should really be trying to toy with the emotion system as little as you can. 
Whole Chicken — Bulk purchased in Boss Rush room. Best purchasable party heal. 
Melon Smoothie — Bulk purchased in Boss Rush room. Best purchasable party juice heal. 
Life Jam / Jam Packets 

The Battle

It’s very important to use the first couple turns to set up the buffs and debuffs. These turns should not vary much between attempts. Do not bother with emotions (Perfectheart can make everyone angry in phase 1 and randomizes the party’s emotions every turn in phase 2). 
TURN 1 : Stare, Power Hit, Big Rubber Band, Tenderize 
TURN 2 : Suffocate, Sno-cone on Kel, Flex, Coffee on Kel 
TURN 3 : Vertigo, Sno-cone on Omori, Run n’ Gun, Coffee on Omori 
Best outcome for Perfectheart’s early turns : Lowering juice. Aubrey only fires off Power Hit on turn 1, so that is all the juice she will use. Hero ideally fires off just three skills between his typical item support. If Omori or Kel’s juice is targeted just adjust who you buff first. (This also makes damaging Omori or Kel relatively safe for now). 
Worst outcome : Perfectheart becomes happy and makes the party angry. Trying to work around this can quickly derail the run. 
After this point, Omori should always use Vertigo (which will do around 2,500 a turn) and Kel should always alternate Flex + Run n’ Gun (which will do around 3,500 every other). Perfectheart has 9,999 Heart per phase, so, yeah. It is very tempting to item support with Kel when things look desperate, but whenever I do I lose too much momentum. The only good situation for it is if Aubrey or Hero become toast and you need to take a recoup turn (Kel uses Life Jam and Omori and Aubrey/Hero both use chickens). 
Your biggest priority is that buffed Omori and Kel never become toast. That is why this strategy does something unusual with Aubrey : I used her as a second item support. The fight instantly became more manageable. You are not losing damage this way, as none of her attacks are comparable but Omori or Kel becoming toast or Omori burning through his juice kills the run. This compensates for using whole chicken over the rare whole pizza (you will often want to use two a turn), and allows you more opportunities to use smoothies/juice heal. 
Lastly, for Hero, use Smile and Gator Aid when there’s a window to in phase 1 (if you can only get one out it should be Smile), beyond that Hero should use whole chicken every turn. 
It’s important you go into phase 2 with full health because you’re going to get hit with strong party wide attacks, but other than that, you’ll be surprised at how quickly Perfectheart will gray out and concede that she is … Imperfectheart. 
OMORI - Fast Perfectheart Basic Strategies 

Special Thanks

This guide obviously owes a lot to SentaiJoe’s “How to Kel Nuke”, since that is how I learned of the broken quality of the Coffee and speed based attacks. All I did was stack it with Sno-Cone, also apply it to an Omori build, and build a strategy for Perfectheart around it. Thank you so much! 
Also thank you to everybody that had the idea to make Hero a chicken mule, and Pedro Silva for the hype boss music! 

By RogueBio

This is all about OMORI – Fast Perfectheart Basic Strategies; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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