No More Room in Hell – Zombies – Damage, Speed and Tips

No More Room in Hell – Zombies – Damage, Speed and Tips 4 -
No More Room in Hell – Zombies – Damage, Speed and Tips 4 -
This guide will detail the zombie’s damage, speed values and misc information.


Animation & Speed

Each animation that the zombie has is different, by the pose he has and by the speed. 
Not all the zombies are "frozen" in one speed value, check this out. 
No More Room in Hell - Zombies - Damage, Speed and Tips 
walk1: Very common and slow, low priority 
walk2: Common and slow, low priority 
walk3: Common and even more slow, low priority 
walk4: Common but quite a bit fast, medium priority 
walk5: Unusual but slow, low priority 
walk6: Common, quite fast, medium priority 
walk7: Common, really fast for a shambler, high priority 
walk8: Unusual but slow, low priority 
walk9: Common but slow, low priority 
walk10: Unusual, gets to be fast at the middle of the animation, medium priority 
run: Only for fallen survivors or runners, pretty common and extreme priority 
crawl: Only for zombies that can’t use their legs anymore, not so common but high priority 

Attacks & Damage

Each zombie attack delivers a different amount of damage, runners always does more damage rather than a regular zombie, so always prioritize them! 
No More Room in Hell - Zombies - Damage, Speed and Tips 
attackA: Basic attack, can finish off a survivor if he’s really in low health (red health/monochromatic vision) and has a low chance of opening a wound in somebody 
attackB: Intermediary Attack, can finish off a survivor if he’s in medium health (dark orange health) 
attackC: Advanced, a runner can finish off a survivor if he’s in medium-high health (light orange), if you’re lucky you can try to dodge the first attack that he does, if you don’t, you’ll more likely lose 80 of your health, or 30 if a shambler does this attack 
Crawlers and the zombified childs has some difference when it comes to damage, see below 
No More Room in Hell - Zombies - Damage, Speed and Tips 
Crawlers are easy to take down, unless if you’re playing in windowed mode and don’t have the brightness option, they’ll be a serious problem, take them down once you see them. 
Children does a very low amount of damage but don’t ignore them!, they can easily dodge/ignore your melee attacks, plus scratching you and making you bleed to death. 
Flaming zekes or, flaming zombies. These guys will completely turn into a runner and do the double of the damage, always keep your distance while throwing a molotov. 
A shambler, runner or zombie soldier will always die after twenty seconds of burning. 


The most boring part of the guide, I think. it’s just tips: 
Tip 1: Always take down the zombie with the "walk7" animation first, you may don’t notice but they’re still pretty fast for a shambler, specially if you’re doing a objective such as using a welder to unlock a door or something else. Most times that I got infected was because of these dummies. 
Tip 2: Taking 2-3 hits of a shambler and getting bitten after that, it’s very likely that you’ll be infected. 
Tip 3: Brightness is your friend against a crawler, I like to play and windowed mode since that I use the "no-browser" option for steam, since the new interface just eats the ram. But because of that, they blend-in/camouflage with the scenario pretty well, specially in dark areas. 
Tip 4: Flaming zombies are always dangerous, you can easily take one down with any melee weapon, even with your hands. Always push them before attacking, you don’t want to risk a hit by them, if you survive you’ll be more likely bleeding or in a really bad shape. 
Tip 5: No, just because there are child zombies doesn’t means they’re weak, in fact, a group of children of the undead is extremely dangerous (example being, Broadway2’s basketball court), a few hits they do to you, you may be already bleeding, it’s even worse when their "dads/mothers" are with them and they’re always runners. 
Tip 6: Got infected and already planning your suicide?, don’t lose hope that easy, you have one minute and twenty seconds of life before turning and you’ll have +3 minutes once you take a phalanx pills. Precious time if you ask me. 
Tip 7: You can’t hit a zombie because the hit-registration is really bad?, yeah I feel you. Always aim in the zombie’s hair/forehead, works for me. It always guarantees a decent head damage against him. 
Tip 8: Runners are easy to dispatch if you have a fast melee, doesn’t even needs to be strong. A hatchet, baseball bat, pipe, wrench or knife can already take 2-3 runners down, just don’t forget to PUSH before attacking, and also charging your melee. 
Tip 9: Always predict the direction that a Runner/Kid will run towards you, if you predict it right and hit before the zombie gets there, you’ll kill him very easily, leaving him no time to recover. 
Tip 10 (gold tip): Many people doesn’t knows this but, if you see a area that is swarmed by zombies (example, the underground part of Fema), kill some zombies and RUN back to where you came from, the .nav system of nmrih is wanky and likes to delete many zombies in a area to spawn them where you’re going. After you do that, get back immediatelly and do what you have to! 

Written by Mage

This is all about No More Room in Hell – Zombies – Damage, Speed and Tips; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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