No Man’s Sky – Space stations and trade terminals Guide

No Man’s Sky – Space stations and trade terminals Guide 1 -
No Man’s Sky – Space stations and trade terminals Guide 1 -

Ever wanted space stations and trade terminals to sell everything? even every single module in the game? well now you can!

How to:

Head over to – []  (made by musty123) and download the PAK file, (all mods in NMS use pak files) once the file has downloaded, drag it to your desktop and extract the PAK file and delete the zip/winrar file. So you now should only have the PAK file on your desktop.
Then you wan’t to go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\No Man’s Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS
As you can see, once you open the ‘PCBANKS’ folder, all the files are PAK, inside the PCBANKS scroll down and find a TEXT document called ‘disable mods’ make sure you delete this in order to allow the mods you download to work correctly! After that, you wan’t to make a new folder called ‘MODS’ (make sure you do this inside the ‘PCBANKS’ folder!) this is where you will put the PAK file you downloaded and also any new mods you download
Once you’ve deleted the ‘disable mods’ document, dragged the PAK file you downloaded into the ‘MODS’ folder in ‘PCBANKS’ start up No Man’s Sky and wait for it to load. Once it’s loaded, you’ll see a message pop up mentioning mods, this is fine. Once you load up your save, head to a space station/trading terminal and you’ll now notice you can now buy almost everything in No Man’s Sky!
You can also buy ANY S class models for your exosuit, exocraft etc etc in space stations. Making S class module hunting far more easier and faster. This works only at space stations.
In case you are wondering, is this allowed? can I get banned? Nope, you won’t get banned, in fact, Hello Games (makers of No Man’s Sky) have actually allowed PC players to use mods with multiplayer enabled.

Written by biz

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about No Man’s Sky – Space stations and trade terminals Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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