Mushy – How to Play Mushy Tips

Mushy – How to Play Mushy Tips 1 -
Mushy – How to Play Mushy Tips 1 -

Mush cannot be run on the xbox360, you need a hyper strong gaming system like the ps5. only the ps5 can run mush (on the lowest settings). if you run mush on the xbox360 it will blow up and you will die.

Mushing IRL

if you mush irl you will be the coolest kid in town. everyone will love you because you mush. girls will be on their knees seeing how many hours you have on Mush for the PErsonal Computer. beware that the wetness from a girl seeing you mush will cause you intense grief.

Mushing on twitter

do not mush on twitter or you will be cancel cultured and thrown into the fiery pits of hell for mushing and you wont be hired again from mush employers.

Mushing mary

if you say mush 3 times and spin around in front of your bathroom mirror, mushy 2 will be in your steam library in the next 48 hours. DO NOT boot it up as it will corrupt all your files and they will all be replaced with Mushy icons.

Mushing at 3am

I mushed at 3am and satan came out and said “you mush?” and i said “yeah” and he was like “woah”. we are best friends now.

Extra Fun Fact

if you look it up on webmd they’ll tell you that Mush gives you cancer 2: the squeakquel

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