Mr.Mine – How to use Thoth The Wise

Mr.Mine – How to use Thoth The Wise 1 -
Mr.Mine – How to use Thoth The Wise 1 -

Hello and welcome, This Mr.Mine – How to use Thoth The Wise Guide was written to be of use to you, and we genuinely hope that it is.

This guide explains the most basic functions of Thoth The Wise. A fully-leveled Thoth multiplies buffs from relics by four in general. The following text assumes Thoth is level 10. !

[Game version: 0.43]

(this guide is similar to this pastebin i made a while back, but this guide is not the same. – []


  • GS: Golden Shovel
  • EMSP: Endless Miner Speed Potion
  • MT: Midas Touch
  • GScy: Golden Scythe
  • KoL Key of Luck
  • Book of Time
  • TL: Timelapse,
  • SM: Super Miner
  • Gold Chest
  • Nugget of Attraction



  • Money Making

    Certain GSs (i only use 3) and some EMSPs (4 I think) [why EMSPs? Check at the end for more information]

    More than 1 MT++, so you can get to 90% when you receive the buff from a chest (10*4+50 + 10%

  • Immortal Scientists (more like zombies tbh)

    If a scientist is killed, you can get up to 25% chance of reusability using >2 GScy++ and 1 normal

  • Preference

    I’d suggest dropping the majority of your KoLs if any because your SMs will take care of this now and it has been confirmed to me that the game will freeze when activating the thoth, you might require a reboot.

    BoT is for me the best choice. If you happen to be “unlucky” and you have a TL with a GC it will reset all of your SMs.



Money Making


  • Before opening the GCs you must:

    >While having the CC go ahead and compress some GCs These could be 10, 30, or however many you want.

    i)Turn on Thoth to boost your drops through EMSPs.

    ii)Enable Diana to have another EMSP buff.

    iii)Go to the Reactor Buff (if unlocked ofc) and get the NoA buff, even the 1 minute will do.

  • Opening the GCs:

    You can now open any chest you want until a TL arrives. Your buffs will then expire.

  • Selling:

    Sell your minerals when Thoth is enabled and the MT chest buff is in place. It wil 90% double your sell prices which are already higher due to your GSAs.



Thoth was a method of assisting after the death of a scientist. While you are in the window Resurrect/Bury, turn on Thoth. This way, you’ll have a 100% chance of resurrection. Click the bury button and the scientist will be “miraculously” revived.


The game is programmed to calculate the bulk of rewards (money, trades and minerals) by the minerals mined by miners during a certain time period (minutes, hour etc). The majority of the game’s loot comes from Kave and chests, so increasing the speed of your miners might seem like a waste of your time.

Mr.Mine – How to use Thoth The Wise is the subject of this guide. Please let us know in the comments if anything is broken or outdated, and we will address it as soon as possible. I hope that today treats you well. We are indebted to 8th, whose perceptive guide served as the impetus for this one. Also, if you like the post, don’t forget to add this website to your bookmarks; we publish new posts every day with additional material, so be sure to check back with this website on a regular basis for more posts.

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