Lakeburg Legacies – Personality & Congenital Traits Relationships

Lakeburg Legacies – Personality & Congenital Traits Relationships 1 -
Lakeburg Legacies – Personality & Congenital Traits Relationships 1 -

Hey there, welcome to this post, In this guide, we will tell you everything about Lakeburg Legacies – Personality & Congenital Traits Relationships Follow this guide step by step.

This guide will show you what you can and cannot control in the game.


Lakeburg Legacies features overlapping and complicated systems that determine how villagers interact with one another and the other villagers. If you are looking for more information on what the different statuses do and how to improve your villagers’ effects, you have come to the right page!

What can be affected by a villager’s traits/feelings/relationships?

  • Stat increase/decrease
  • Skill increase/decrease
  • Resources required/used
  • Needs (protection, entertainment, etc.)
  • Production time
  • Meeting Chance (Only applicable for random meetings, not those you initiate).
  • Relationship probability by type (romantic/friendly/lustful, etc.).
  • Life Expectancy
  • Affinity
  • Citizen experience gained


Personality and Congenital Traits

These traits are automatically assigned. It’s supposed to work from mentor to mentee and parent to child. But it doesn’t. They can also gain and lose traits depending on your choices made during pop-ups. You cannot change the congenital or psychological traits of a villager, so you’ll have to work to get around them.

  • Ascetics: -1 Vegetables, meat and fish needed
  • Beautiful: Charisma stat +2
  • Boring: Stage performances skill -5%; meeting chance -50%
  • Brave: Athletics skill +5%, Protection needs -1%
  • Club Foot Dexterity stat: -2
  • Coward : Leadership skill -5 %, -1 wood per 120 days
  • Depressive: Morale 10, meeting chance -50%, Friendly relationship chances -50%
  • Devout: Knowledge skill +5%, -1 fish every 120 days
  • Energetic, Athletics skill +5%. -1 tools for every 120 days
  • Frail: Life expectancy -50
  • Funny: Meeting chances +10% and friendly relationship chances +10%. Affinity +6%
  • Gluttony 1 fruit every 120days, 1 meat every 120days
  • Greedy Gold: -1 every 120 days
  • Hard-working: Perception ability -5%; Production time-5%
  • Humble : Meeting chance -55%, Jewelry resource required -1, Painting resources needed -1
  • Ill-Mannered skill: Precision Work -5%; Crafting skill-5%; -1 beer for every 120 days
  • Indecisiveness: Precision skills -5% and friendly relationships +5%
  • Kind: Nature Skill +5%, Meeting Chance +10%
  • Lazy: Time to production +10%; meeting chance +10%; friendly relationship +5%
  • Mean: Weapons mastery skill +5%. Friendly relationship chance -10%. Affinity-3%.
  • Nimble Dexterity Stat +2
  • Obstinate: Knowledge skill -5%, Stage Performance skill -5%
  • Proud! Stage Performance skill +5%. -1 Jewelry for every 120 days
  • Resilient = Morale +10, Romantic relationship probability +5%, Leadership skill 5%
  • Robust: Life expectancy +50
  • Romantic: Meeting chance +10%, lustful relationship -5% and Affinity +5%
  • Rowdy’s Weapons Mastery Skill +5%, -1 weapon every 120 Days
  • Shyness: Leadership ability -5%. Persuasion -5%. Friendly relationship chance of -5%.
  • Simple: Intelligence stat -2
  • Smart: Intelligence stat +2
  • Social: Persuasion ability +5%. Stage performance +5%. Affinity +6%.
  • Strong: Strength stat plus 2
  • Ugly, Charisma stat: -2
  • Weak Strength Stat: -2
  • Well-Mannered +5% Precision work skill, +5% Crafting skill, -1 Clothes needed


Annual Needs

The annual needs for a villager are determined by their citizenship status. At the maximum level, every villager will have five essential needs, two convenience needs and one luxury needs. These will be chosen randomly from a pool. Illicit building will drain resources and make it harder for villagers to live. When resources are low, they’ll be given to nobles first, then artisans, then peasants. As new resources are only added to the pool when you have a supply, bread will not be available in your villages until the bakery is built. These needs are evaluated by the end of each calendar year. Therefore, if your village is running short on bread you have until December to remedy the situation before being penalized for a whole year. Essential needs can have a positive and negative impact. Conveniences and luxury needs have a positive outcome if they are met, but do not carry a penalty if the need is not met.

Wood (Essential)

  • Satisfied: +20 Morale for every 20 days
  • Not satisfied: Strength stat of -1, Life Expectancy -120 per 360 days, Morale 40 per 360 days

Vegetables (Essential)

  • Satisfied. Dexterity Stat +1 and Charisma Stat +1.
  • Not satisfied: Life expectancy – 120 every 360 days; Morale – 10 every 360.

Meat (Essential)

  • Strength stat: +2 when satisfied
  • Not satisfied: Strength stat is -3, Life Expectancy is -120 per 360 days and Morale is -10 per 360 days

Clothes (Essential)

  • Satisfied. Meeting Chance +5%, Charisma Stat +1
  • Not satisfied with Charisma stat: -4, Morale -20 every 360 days

Bread (Essential)

  • Satisfied: Dexterity Stat +2
  • Not satisfied: Dexterity -3 every 360 day, Life expectancy -120% every 360 day, Morale-10% every 360 day

Fish (Essential)

  • Satisfied: Intelligence stat +2
  • Not satisfied : Intelligence stats of -3 and -120 for life expectancy every 360 day, Morale of -10 every 360 day

Fruit (Essential)

  • Satisfied: Charisma Stat +2
  • Not satisfied: Charisma Stat -3; Life Expectancy – 120 every 360 Days; Morale – 10 every 360 Days

Weapons (Convenience)

  • Satisfied: Strength stat +1, Intelligence stat +1

Tools (Convenience)

  • Satisfied with: Dexterity stat +1, Production time -2 % every 360 days

Beer (Convenience)

  • Satisfied: Intelligence stat = -1, morale = +10 every 360 Days, meeting chance = +10%

Furniture (Convenience)

  • Satisfied: Life Expectancy +25 every 365 days, Morale stat +6, Intelligence stat +1.

Jewelry (Luxury)

  • Satisfied: +10 Prestige

Paintings (Luxury)

  • Satisfied: +10 Prestige


Feelings/States – Life Events

Even your villagers can feel the emotions that are generated by events in their own lives. Marriage, divorces, homelessness, parenthood and widowhood are possible triggers. Other possibilities include pop up events, interactions with other villages, and marriage. During the pop-up events you can use your mouse to select which feelings will be acquired by your villagers.

Two feelings are permanent. One comes from being a widowed, the other from being a divorced. These two emotions persist even if villager remarries.

  • Divorced? +1% Faith, -10 morale
  • Widowed, -1 Faith required. Morale -20. Chance of romantic relationship -20%.

The rest of the feelings are temporary. You can tell how long a villager’s feeling will last by the colored circle that surrounds the icon.

  • Amused: Morale +5, Entertainment needs -1%
  • Bothered: Morale -5; Production time +2%
  • Calm : Athletic skill -3, Perception skill +3, Faith needs -1%
  • Charmed: Charisma stat +1, Persuasion skill -3%
  • Confident : Charisma stat +1, Persuasion skills +3%, friendly relationships chance +5%
  • Dejected. Morale: -5, Precision skill 5%, Stage performance 5%, Crafting 5%
  • Disappointed : Entertainment needs +1%; Meeting chances -55%
  • Disgusted: Stage performance skill: -3%, Food skill -3%
  • Drunken: Charisma, Intelligence, and Beer stats are all -1 for every 120 days. Meeting chance is +10%.
  • Embarrassed every 100 days: Morale is -5, Persuasion ability -3% and Stage performance -3%
  • Furious: Strength stat +1, Intelligence stat -2
  • Grateful – Morale +5, Friendly relationships +5%
  • Heartbroken Morale: -15,-2 Hearts every 120 Days
  • Homeless: Morale -20 each 90 days, Faith needed -2%, Life Expectancy -50 each 90 days
  • Impressed: Intelligence stat +1, Morale +2
  • Inspired: Perception skill +5%, Stage Performance skill +5%, Crafting skill +5%
  • Joyful: Morale +10%, Affinity -3%
  • Offended : Morale -5; Friendly relationship chance of -5%
  • Morale +5, entertainment needs = -1%
  • Feared: Knowledge skills -5% and Weapons mastery skills +5%. Meeting chance -10%. Friendly relationship chance -55%.
  • Stressed : Knowledge skill +5%, Perception +5%, Production +5%
  • Waiting to see a stork increases your chances of becoming a parent by 100%
  • Young Parent: Parenthood chance -90%


Town Services

These effects are also temporary, gained from illicit buildings, the Bards’ House, the School, and depending on the status of your Needs gauges. Managing your illicit buildings is a balancing act, and you will have to find the sweet spot for your village. When your needs gauges are very low your villagers run the risk of getting some very nasty effects, but if you make it long enough they will wear off. Later in the game you can unlock buildings that will combat the results of the illicit buildings, but until you open them, they can be trick to manage.

Some of these overlap with the Feelings gained from life events, but I have listed them out here again so you can clearly see where each comes from.

Health (Rodent Nest/Hospital)

  • Confident: Charisma stat +1, Persuasion skill +3%, friendly relationship chance +5%
  • Cold: Life expectancy -60 every 85 days, -5 Wood every 29 days
  • Flu: Life expectancy -640 every 175 days, Strength stat -1
  • Cholera: Life expectancy -1220 every 265 days, Strength stat -2, Charisma stat -2
  • Plague: Life expectancy -1800 every 355 days, -3 to ALL stats

Faith (Pleasure House/Church)

  • Lustful: Intelligence stat -1, Morale -20 every 115 days, gold -1 every 115 days, meeting chance +5%, lustful relationship chance +5%
  • Grateful: Morale +5, Friendly relationship chance +5%
  • Atheist: Charisma stat -1, Intelligence stat -1, Citizen experience -10%
  • Heretic: Life expectancy -50 every 265 days, Charisma stat -2, Dexterity stat -2, Intelligence stat -2
  • Disbeliever: Life expectancy -100 every 355 days, -1 to ALL stats

Entertainment (Prank Shop/Theatre)

  • Amused: Morale +5, Entertainment needs -1%
  • Bored: Morale -50 every 175 days, Intelligence stat -1
  • Despondent: Life expectancy -300 every 265 days, Morale -100 every 265 days, Affinity -10%, Intelligence stat -2, Charisma stat -2
  • Suicidal: Life expectancy -600 every 355 days, Morale -150 every 355 days, Affinity -25%, Intelligence stat -3, Charisma stat -3, meeting chances -25%

Protection (Thieves’ Guild/Barracks)

  • Joyful: Morale +20, Affinity +3%
  • Worried: Morale -50 every 175 days, Dexterity stat -1, Strength stat -1, Meeting chance -5%
  • Robbed: Morale -100 every 265 days, meeting chance -25%, Dexterity stat -2, Strength stat -2, Intelligence stat -2
  • Deprived: Morale -150 every 355 days, -5 Furniture every 120 days, meeting chance -50%, -3 to ALL stats

Assassin’s Guild

  • Injured: Life expectancy -120 every 175 days

Bard’s House

  • Entertained: Morale +10 every 30 days, meeting chance +5%, Affinity +3%


  • Educated: Intelligence stat +2, Citizen experience +5%


Intro to Relationships

Your villagers’ relationships can enormously impact their skills, stats, and needs. This is the set of traits you can most control, but it’s also the most complex. You can use hearts to end relationships with effects you don’t want. Marriage relationships are set when two villagers marry each other. Mentorship relationships are NOT automatically set when you assign a child to become an apprentice. They may occur randomly, or you can have the child and adult meet.

Adult/child relationships work differently than relationships between peers. When a child meets an adult they are not apprenticed to; they will form a friendship or enmity based on their affinity. However, when a child meets and adult they are apprenticed to, they will form either a mentorship or an exploitation relationship. Mentorship is a great buff, but exploitation comes with significant penalties. If you want to form a mentorship it is best to apprentice a child to an adult who shares their hobbies, as this makes them much more likely to develop a mentorship when they meet.

The other types occur from random meetings (effected by their meeting chance), or when you have them spend time with each other. You can have a villager spend time with someone they don’t already have a relationship with by opening the villager pane at the bottom of the screen and dragging the one you want up to the spot.

Relationships offer two kinds of effects on your villagers. The first kind are the same changes to skills, stats, needs, and morale traits can give. The second kind apply only when the villager interacts with the other person in the relationship . This includes Production time (when working together) and Romantic affinity (when going on a date). Their relationship will also affect the ambiance when working together, impacting other villagers working in the same building.


Level 1 Loveless Marriage

  • Morale -10
  • Production time +7%

Level 2 Infatuated

  • Morale +5
  • Production time -7%

Level 3 In Love

  • Morale +10
  • Production time -7%

Level 4 Madly in Love

  • Morale +20, Paintings needed -1, Jewelry needed -1
  • Production time -14%


Level 1 Acquaintance

  • Morale +5
  • Production time -7%

Level 2 Friend

  • Morale +10
  • Production time -7%

Level 3 Close Friend

  • Morale +5, Jewelry needed +1
  • +30% relationship affinity, Production time -14%

Level 4 Best Friend

  • Morale +10, Jewelry needed +1
  • Relationship affinity +30%, Production time -14%, date will start with existing love

Level 5 Friend for Life

  • Morale +10, Jewelry needed +1
  • Relationship affinity +30%, Production time -21%, date will start with existing love


Level 1 Insignificant

  • -3% relationship affinity, Production time +7%

Level 2 Disliked

  • Morale -5
  • Production time +7%, Relationship affinity -3%

Level 3 Rival

  • Morale -10, Citizen experience -3%, Weapons needed +1
  • Production time +14%, Relationship affinity -3%

Level 4 Enemy

  • Morale -5, Citizen experience -3%
  • Production time +14%, Relationship affinity -3%, dates are less likely to succeed

Level 5 Sworn Enemy

  • Morale -10, Citizen experience -3%
  • Production time +14%, Relationship affinity -3%, dates are less likely to exceed


Level 1 Crush

  • Morale +5
  • Production time -7%, date will start with existing love

Level 2 First Kiss

  • Morale +5
  • Production time -7%, Relationship affinity +3%, date will start with existing love

Level 3 Romantic Relationship

  • Morale +10
  • Production time -14%, Relationship affinity +6%, date will start with existing love


Level 1 One-Night Stand

  • Morale +10
  • Production time -7%

Level 2 Bed Friend

  • Morale +10
  • Production time -14%, Relationship affinity +3%

Level 3 Friend and…a tad more

  • Morale +10
  • Production time -21%, Relationship affinity +3%, date will start with existing love


Level 1 Mentor and Student

  • Morale +5
  • Production time -7%

Level 2 Mutual Enrichment

  • Morale +15, Citizen experience +5%
  • Production time -14%


Level 1 Master and Servant

  • Morale -20
  • Production time -7%

Level 2 Captive Serf

  • Morale -20, Citizen experience -10%
  • Production time -14%


Level 1 Secret Crush

  • Production time +7%, Marriage affinity -3%

Level 2 Secret Flirt

  • Clothes needed +1
  • Production time +7%, Marriage affinity -5%, date will start with an existing love

Level 3 Adulterers

  • Clothes needed +1
  • Production time +14%, Marriage affinity -10%, date will start with an existing love


Managing Relationships

All villagers have a level of affinity towards each other even before interacting, based on shared interests. If they share hobbies, they will have a positive affinity, and if they dislike each others’ hobbies they will have a negative association. This is not shown in the game (unless they go on a date or have an existing relationship), but you can still check their hobbies to predict it. Before having two villagers meet, make sure to also check if they have other traits that incline them to a certain kind of relationship, or you may wind up with unexpected results.

Once two villagers have established a relationship, that will change their affinity. However, shared interests still matter, especially for low-level relationships! Ensure to check carefully, as low level friends can still tend towards a negative relationship if they dislike each others’ hobbies or have other penalties towards friendly relationships. Their overall score for each other is listed at the top of the relationship window. That affinity is precisely to the other person in the relationship and does not affect a villager’s other relationships.

When two villagers interact, they may gain a feeling depending on their relationship (see Feeling section), or their relationship may change. Feelings are temporary traits, but can be a good way to boost a villager. Villagers who share a maxed-out relationship and strong affinity in that direction will likely get a feeling when interacting. So a couple who is Madly In Love and has a high affinity for a positive relationship is very likely to get a positive feeling when they interact. Likewise, Sworn Enemies with a high affinity for a negative relationship are very likely to get a negative feeling. If the villagers share a weak relationship and a contrasting affinity, such as Acquaintances with an affinity for a negative relationship, their relationship may end when they interact.


Suppose you’ve made it this far; thanks for reading! I want to add that this guide was written during version of the game. I compiled these lists from notes I took during my own playthroughs and experimentation, trying to understand better how these systems work. Some things may be incorrect, or may change in later versions of the game. The lists are not guaranteed to be complete, as it’s impossible to say for sure if I’ve found everything. If you see something missing or incorrect, please let me know!

We are grateful that you took the time to read through the Lakeburg Legacies – Personality & Congenital Traits Relationships, and we sincerely hope that you discovered it to be beneficial. Feel free to call out any problems or provide suggestions for improvements in the comments box below, and we will answer them as quickly as possible. Today, I’d want to send you my warmest wishes. This post was motivated by the work of creator and author Wolfprints Also, if you like the post, don’t forget to save us to your bookmarks; we update new posts every day with additional material, so be sure to check back with us frequently for more posts.

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