Might & Magic Heroes VII – List of Heroes + All Missions Guide

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Might & Magic Heroes VII – List of Heroes + All Missions Guide 1 - steamlists.com

List of heroes that carry over in the game’s campaigns.


This guide lists the heroes in each campaign that carry over from one mission to a subsequent mission. I made this list because when I was playing the campaigns, I found that it was often unclear as to whether I needed to fully develop a hero for a later mission. While the game will sometimes explicitly state that a particular character will carry over into a later mission, the game is not entirely consistent in providing this information to the player.

Similar to previous games in the series, heroes that carry over retain their base stats, skills, and spells. Items do not carry over unless they are specifically indicated in-game as a carryover item. To see whether an item carries over, right click on the item in the inventory to open its item-set details (if any). If the item carries over, a purple text that reads “Persists for the entire campaign” will be displayed. Items that carry over are limited to quest items and items that belong to certain item sets (however, whether a particular set carries over depends on the specific campaign).

There is no carryover from one campaign to another, including the epilogue campaigns. Some characters appear in both a faction campaign and an epilogue campaign, but their hero attributes do not carry over into the epilogue campaign; instead, the character will be reset to a new default set of attributes. This is true for the epilogues in both the base game and the Trial by Fire expansion.

Therefore, there is no need to visit every stat-boosting items at the end of a campaign to fully optimize a hero. The only gameplay benefit to playing all faction campaigns in the base game is to unlock a special sword for Ivan in the epilogue.

The following list indicates all heroes that carry over from one mission to at least one subsequent mission, along with the missions in which they appear. For example, “2-4” indicates that the hero first appears in mission 2 of the campaign and carries over into missions 3 and 4. For purposes of this list, only missions in which the character is under the player’s control in normal gameplay are counted. Heroes not listed below do not carry over into any subsequent mission.

Base game

Haven – An Unknown Name (4 missions)

– Tomas: 1-4

– Ymoril: 2-4

– Bilashi: 3-4

Necropolis – The Knowledge of Sin (5 missions)

– Zenda: 2, 5

– Arda-Malik: 2, 4

– Ludmilla: 2-3

– Charna: 3, 5

Academy – Wizardly Nights (4 missions)

– Fahada: 1, 4

– Khalida: 1, 2 (cameo)

Stronghold – A Free Woman among Brothers(4 missions)

– Imani: 1-4

– Reem: 2-4

– Kibwe: 3-4

Sylvan – The Twilight Odyssey (4 missions)

– Wysloth: 1-4

– Danan: 1-4

– Sylrael: 3-4

Dungeon – Where Black Stars Rise (4 missions)

– Vayaron: 1-4

– Malwen: 1-4

Ivan’s campaign (epilogue) – The Stuff of Future Memory (2 missions)

– Ivan: 1-2

– Anastasya: 1-2 (spells do not carry over from mission 1 to mission 2)

– Nolwenn: 1-2 (optional)

Lost Tales of Axeoth

Unity (5 missions)

– Genevieve Seymour: 1-5

– Pherlon: 2-5

Every Dog Has His Day (3 missions)

– Dogwoggle: 1-3

Trial by Fire

Fortress – The Path to Power(6 missions)

– Hathor: 1-3

– Áslaug: 1-3

– Haegeir: 1-3

– Vilma: 4-6

– Kari: 4-6

Ivan’s campaign (epilogue 2) – A Firebrand in the Dark (2 missions)

– Ivan: 1-2

– Bart Brimstone: 1-2

Written by Aeratus

This is all about Might & Magic Heroes VII – List of Heroes + All Missions Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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