Mech Mechanic Simulator – Beginner tips

Mech Mechanic Simulator – Beginner tips 1 -
Mech Mechanic Simulator – Beginner tips 1 -
Going to store here some notes regarding the game
(will update as i progress further)
(feel free to add more hints in comments, i’ll add them to the tutorial)





* You can skip the cut-scenes with RMB 
* Once you purchase the Tablet, you can accept/fulfill orders via the tablet, hotkey is T 
* Wallrunning: Jump up and forwards and strafe into the wall while moving forwards, then hit the wallrun button. I think it was shift. (thanks @Cpl. Spelguru, i’ll verify strafe button later on) 

Jobs hints

* Paint jobs: you need to spray all required colors or the task is not counted as complete (thanks @Snowpig) 
* Paint jobs: you might want to switch between “auto-fill” and “brush” modes 

Finances tricks

* A quick tip for the “Replace part X with a new one” task. If you want to save money, just swap with the same type of part from the mech and it will count as completed. For example, using the same armor piece but from the other leg of the mech does the trick. (thanks @Shadowstorm) 
* If you buy shares for a company, and then you finish a job from them (not a contract), then you also get a tenth of what all your shares of that company are worth. The more jobs you do for the same company, the more share you can buy. The more shares you buy, the more money you get per job. (thanks @Hammockguy) 


* the three electrics bench minigames have different rules for each bench: cable bench (the one in the middle): simply connect green square with yellow square. Cell bench (the one on the left): connect green with yellow, and the three violet too. Core bench (the one on the right): connect green with yellow but not the three violet ones. Here – if you need it – you can disrupt connections by clicking on a normal field. (thanks @Snowpig) 

Written by VeTaL

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Mech Mechanic Simulator – Beginner tips; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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