Magic Research – All Bosses and Locations

Magic Research – All Bosses and Locations 1 -
Magic Research – All Bosses and Locations 1 -

Hi, welcome to this post, In this guide, we will tell you everything about Magic Research – Magical & Battle Equipment Follow this guide step by step.

Magical equipment

For magical hand-item, get yourself at least 2 researches, and prepare them for Constitution and Enchantment schools:

  • Branch (Constitution and Enchantment lvl 4 Branch (Constitution and Enchantment lvl 4
  • Wizard’s costume: Constitution 6, Enchantment 4, you already have it.
  • Elder Wizard’s robe (Constitution 7, Enchantment 9 –
  • Elemental Wand (Constitution 8, Enchantment lvl 8 – and Elemental speck.
  • Living wood staff (Constitution 14 Enchantment lvl 14 and 30 Living wood.
  • The robe of the Archwizard (Constitution 14 Enchantment level 16 – and Gold nugget.
  • Silver Staff (Constitution 19, Enchantment lvl 20- and 20 Silver Bars
  • Sage Hat (Constitution 19, Enchantment lvl 21 – and 8 Magic Cloth
  • Wondrous Robe (Constitution 20, Enchantment lvl 22 – and 12 Magic Cloth
  • Star Wand (Constitution 21 Level 26, Enchantment Level 26 – and a 100 fine dust + 5 gold nuggets

The fabric for robes is made from wool. Sheep shed wool. Sheep can be found on B2 (27% chance of encounter) B3, (33%) or Corral (100%). Corral can be unlocked via the Upgrades tab of Monstium.

Tip: create only the required amount of cloth, which will save space in the inventory.

The Speck for the number 4 is dropped from Slimes (0.5 percent chance) and Red Slimes(1.5 percent), and Zombie(1%) on the second and third floors of the basement. The boss of B3 will drop it with 100% probability.

Forest is a living forest. The forest is unlocked after beating B3 Boss. Prickly Flower (20 percent chance of dropping wood). It’s located in LF Entrance and Depth), Mushfamily (35 percent, LF Depth), Fairy (15 percent for x2 wood FL Depth and Grove).

Gold nuggets can be found in monsters that have, to be honest, low odds (>1 percent). The boss of the FL Grove has 20% of the drop, however, it’s still a struggle to get it. If you are given two, keep one for Golden Sword.

Silver bars drop in Thunder Tower from all mobs, including Enchanted Sheep and Goblin. It’s also unlocked once you attain Alchemy level 16 (earlier than Nuggets).

Magic Cloth can be made from Magic Wool. Wool, in turn, comes from Enchanted Sheep (can be met at Thunder Tower Peak (35.71%) or in the Magical Pen (Unlocked via Upgrades)). Require Conjuration lvl 20.

Fine Dust is dropped from 4 locations after beating Thunder Tower. It can be made using Alchemy 28.

Battle equipment

We will be more mindful when it concerns Battle Equipment.

Or not.

Hand can be anything you want.


Glaive (Conjuration 11 – -> Golden Sword (Con 15 – -> Silver dagger (Con 19 – -> Broad Sword (Con 24 – -> Golden Scythe (Con 26 – -> Searing Sword (Con 27, Enchantment 24 – .

Gold Nuggets Silver Bars and Fine Dust have been previously mentioned, so let’s go on with them.

If given a choice in the story, while climbing Thunder Tower – choose Electric sword. With generators, it’ll have your back for quite a while. Cog (from part two of the story) can transform it into a jumpstarting weapon.

Tip: The strength of a searing sword depends on the “stored temperature” therefore the best way to increase your furnace’s capacity is to increase the number.


We’re going to go with the heavy option.

Iron Mail (Conjuration 7 – -> Reinforced Iron Mail (Con 11 – -> Full Plate (Con 13 –> Gold-Infused Full Plate (Con 18 – -> Electric armor (Con 23 –

Tip: if pairing Electric armor and Electric sword, pay attention to the income from electricity when fighting fast-moving monsters.


You’ll have to start out with wooden sandals. There is no other defensive option. Then things get easier.

Cloak (Conjuration 7 – ->Enchanted Cloak (Enchantment 9 – / Cloak or Regeneration (Ench 11 – Large Shield (Protection 17 -> Fancy Shield (Prot 22 –

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