Magic Research – Magical & Battle Equipment

Magic Research – Magical & Battle Equipment 1 -
Magic Research – Magical & Battle Equipment 1 -

Hey there, welcome to this post, In this guide, we will tell you everything about Magic Research – Magical & Battle Equipment Follow this guide step by step.

Magical equipment

For the magical handi-item, get yourself atleast two types of research. Set them for Constitution School and Enchantment:

  • Branch (Constitution and Enchantment Level 4 –
  • Wizard’s Cloak (Constitution 6, enchantment 4 – You already own it.
  • Elder Wizard’s robe, Constitution 7, Enchantment 9
  • Elemental Wand combines Elemental speck and Constitution 8 (Enchantment level 8).
  • Living wood staff.
  • Archwizard’s Rurobe (Constitution, Enchantment lvl 16, and Golden Nugget.
  • Silver Staff (Constitution, Enchantment Level 20, and 20 Silver bars
  • Sage Hat (Constitution 19. Enchantment level 21 and 8 Magic cloth
  • Wondrous Cloth (Constitution 20, Enchantment Lvl 22 and 12 Magic Robe
  • Star Wand – Constitution 21, Enchantment level 26, 100 Fine dust and 5 Gold Nuggets

Wool is used as a material for cloth. Sheep leave behind wool. Sheep have a chance of encountering B2 (27%), B3(33%), or Corral (100%) Corral unlocks on Upgrades Tab of Monstium.

Create only the necessary amount of cloth for saving space in the inventory.

Slimes (0.5% drop chance), Red Slimes (1.5%), and Zombies(1%) can be found on the second- and third-floors of the basement. Boss B3 drops this item with 100% chance.

Forest is where you will find living trees. Forest unlocks when B3 boss is defeated. Prickly Flowers (20% chance to drop Wood). Mushfamily (35% in LF Depth), Fairy (15% for x2 wooden, FL Depth and the Grove).

Gold nuggets may be dropped by monsters but, let’s not lie, the chances are very low (>1%). The FL Grove Boss has 20% of it, but it’s still hard to get. If given one, save it for Golden Sword.

Thunder Tower is home to all mobs with the exception of Enchanted Sheep. It’s also unlocked once you reach Alchemy 16 (earlier then Nuggets, yeah).

Magic Cloths are made from Magic Wool. Enchanted Sheep drops Wool (can be found at Thunder Tower Peak (35.71%) or in Magical Pens (unlocked via upgrades)). Require Conjuration lvl 20.

Fine Dust will fall from 4 different locations after you defeat Thunder Tower. Alchemy28 can be used to create this fine dust.

Battle equipment

We will be considerate with our Battle Equipment.

Or not.

Hand may be anything that you choose.


Glaive (Conjuration 11 – -> Golden Sword (Con 15 – -> Silver dagger (Con 19 – -> Broad Sword (Con 24 – -> Golden Scythe (Con 26 – -> Searing Sword (Con 27, Enchantment 24 – .

Gold Nuggets Silver Bars Fine Dust was previously mentioned. Let’s not stop there.

If given the choice in the tale, choose Electric Sword while climbing Thunder Tower. With generators on your side, you can keep it for quite some time. Cog will turn it into an explosive weapon.

Tip: Searing Sword’s damage is dependent on the “stored”, or stored temperature. Maximizing your furnace counts is the best solution.


We are going for the heavy option

Iron Mail – Conjuration 7 -> Reinforced Full Plate (Conjuration 12 -> Gold Infused Full plate (Conjuration 19 -> Electric Armor (Con 23)

If you are using Electric sword and Electric armor, pay attention if you are fighting monsters with a high attack rate.


Wooden sandals is the first thing you will have to try. There is no alternative defensive option. After that, it becomes easier.

Cloak, Enchanted Cloak, Cloak or Regeneration.


The Magic Research – Magical & Battle Equipment section of this guide has concluded. Please let us know if you have any inquiries or suggestions about how we may enhance this topic. Thank you so much, and I hope you have a fantastic day! This piece was motivated by the author and creator skilliard. Don’t forget to add us to your bookmarks if you like the post; we update regularly with fresh stuff.

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