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Loop Hero – Full Guide + Overview & Tips 1 - steamlists.com
Loop Hero – Full Guide + Overview & Tips 1 - steamlists.com

The Basics (Pausing and Time), Save your Cards and Summoning Boss, Card Quality, Burning Cards, Warrior Guide, Rogue Guide, Rogue should Use Outposts, Don’t Use Battlefield cards with Rogue, Necro Guide, Avoid Outpost card with Necro, Retreating, What to Build at Camp (Herbalist Hut), Field Kitchen, Watchtower, Smelter (Arsenal Card), Synergies and Things to Look Out For, Rocks turn into 3×3 Mountains, Goblin Camp and Woodman Village, Overlapping Battlefield cards and Blood Clots, Groves and Forests/Thickets can Spawn Blood Groves and Hunger Groves, Ruins and Ranged Enemies, River Card, Treasury, First Boss (The Lich and Palaces), What to Farm While Looping (Orbs of Expansion), Vampire Mansion, Swamps, and Villages, Temporal Beacons and Watchers, and Astral orbs
Also includes an easy Rogue guide and how to unlock all the secret bosses!

Helpful Tips Wish I Knew Loop Hero Part 1

Use video time stamps for visuals to accompany the guide below.
BASICS (0:07 – Time stamp)
-You can pause the action by hovering your mouse over characters, status effects, or even the items in your inventory. You can also just hold down left click as well.
-This green gauge (top left corner) shows the time of day. It moves as you walk or during attacks in a battle. This will determine when enemies will spawn and when you get your health bonus if you have items or cards that provide that.
-You don’t have to play EVERY card right away. Playing cards will fill up the boss meter and ultimately summon them; This can be pretty scary if you didn’t spend enough time looping for good items and experience. Also, most cards spawn dangerous enemies and overloading your map with too many evil creatures could end your run pretty quickly. Time passes when in battle, so the more fights you create along the map the longer your trip will take meaning more enemy spawns every time the rooster crows!
-Some of the Landscape cards have two versions; a lower and higher quality one. Try ignoring the lower quality ones and wait for the better versions to come along. Consider only playing those cards that you need and let the others fill up in the tray [MAX 13]. The extra cards will burn from left to right and this turns them into Memory Fragments. 10 memory fragments turn into a book of memories! You can use these to unlock some lore or you can disassemble them with alchemy and turn that resource into something you need instead.
HERO GUIDE (1:21 – Time stamp)
-The Warrior
-Does well if you focus on HP regen, max HP, and your defence stat. When you unlock the Arsenal golden card it opens up a new equipment slot which adds retaliation damage!
For landscape tiles, bring Mountains and Rocks since they increase your characters max health.
Avoid using Desert and Sand Dune cards since this reduces everyone’s MAX HP including yours. This class is fine but I personally had a lot more success with the other two classes.
-The Rogue
-This class gets items in a unique way; Every time you defeat an enemy you get a treasure which is stashed in a bag. Once you make the loop all the way back to camp, you’ll automatically hand in all those treasures for some gear. You can see an overpowered Attack Speed and Damage to All build later in this guide. But before you get everything you need to pull that off, start with a focus on evasion, attack speed, and crits. If you’re having trouble staying alive, consider adding Outposts to your deck; they normally take all the rare items you get from a fight as payment for sending you a soldier, but since the rogue collects treasures instead of items, the outpost will do all this work for free!
-If you go with the arsenal card you’ll get to equip a necklace which gives you a magic shield and this is really powerful against general mobs. Normally you can end a fight without even getting through this shield. And with the innate 5% vampirism the Rogue has, it really helps with your survivability.
-The Rogue still collects Quest items as normal if you’re questing for a village but the Battlefield card which spawns chests, won’t drop gear like normal. Instead it will give you NOTHING other than a Stable Branch!
-The Necro
-All about summoning and you should focus on these stats: Skeleton Level, Summon Quality, Max Skeleton, and Attack Speed. You might be tempted to get so many skeletons but you only need 3 or 4 for a boss fight.
-Your Skeleton Level should be at or higher than the loop number (this is in the top right corner) and in general focus on increasing the Skeleton Level over the Quality. Normally you can get away with only 30% – 50% Skeleton quality for the boss fights.
-Attack speed will summon skeletons faster since the Necro will always summon first and only attack if he cannot summon any more. Always bring the forest and Thicket card to battle. When you place 10 of these you’ll spawn a tile which creates wood men who only counter attack. Since the Necro rarely directly attacks enemies, your summons will do all the hard work which means free XP and items!
-Desert and Sand Dunes can be useful since their health reduction doesn’t affect your magic shield or your summons!
-When you unlocked the Ancestral Crypt golden card you’ll notice that it prevents any HP boosting stats in your run but the Necro never gets this stat. Instead, you gain health for every kill of an enemy with a soul!
-Avoid the Outposts card since they have a beef with the Necro. They’ll attack both you and the enemy so be careful.
RETREATING (4:01 – Time stamp)
-When things get too dicey, you can leave in three ways.
-At the camp tile you’ll see a gold outline on the retreat button (bottom right). Pressing it now allows you to return with everything.
-If you try to retreat from anywhere else on the loop, you’ll keep only 60% of everything.
-If you DIE on the loop, you’ll only keep 30% of your resources.
-Once you start beating bosses, you’ll collect Orbs of Immortality, which you can use to take everything without penalty.
WHAT TO BUILD AT CAMP (4:26 – Time stamp)
-At the start I would focus on building the herbalist’s hut since it unlocks healing potions. They automatically heal you when your health goes below the little marker on your health and you refill 2 potions every time you pass the campfire.
-If you build the field kitchen you increase the heal you get when you pass the campfire.
-I found the Watch Towers to be a HUGE help. You can build up to 4 of these and they give you a ranged ally who, at first, will help you attack one tile away from the campfire in either direction. This means I was able to stack all the hardest mobs right near the camp tile and get backup from all my archer buddies.
-You’ll want to unlock the Smelter: it grants you the Arsenal card and an additional equipment slot.

Helpful Tips Wish I knew Loop Hero Part 2

SYNERGIES – [polygon.com] AND THINGS TO LOOK OUT FOR (5:18 – Time stamp)
-Place rocks/mountains in a 3 by 3 square, to create a huge mountain that spawns a harpy every couple days.
-Every 10 rock or forest cards you play will randomly place a Goblin Camp or Woodman village respectively somewhere on your loop.
-Overlapping battlefield cards will create a tile that spawns blood clots.
-Groves and forests can spawn Blood groves which kill enemies who drop below 15% hp. But if you build a second blood grove off of your first blood grove, you’ll make a Hungry grove which kills enemies at 20% but also damages you occasionally. Great boss fights since 15% is a LOT of HP on a boss.
-Ruins can be super dangerous since the giant worms are ranged and can attack you from the next tile. They also have a chance to flee battle and avoid death at the last second which means they can still attack you if you fight on the tile after them! This card has ruined plenty of my runs…also definitely avoid putting a Ruin beside your campfire since they will actually help the boss and attack you during a boss fight! If you do like using them, bring the Blood Grove cards since it kills them just before they reach their escape threshold.
-The river card doubles the effect of the tiles beside it. You can only build one river and the first tile can only be placed on the border of the map. Every river card you get after that can only increase the river’s length. It can’t pass through the loop until you unlock bridges so you’ll need to plan out your rivers course to get maximum effect from it. If you make a mistake you can only delete the river by using oblivion cards starting from the tip all the way back to its initial source. Try to have a river touch a tile no more than twice since sharing a border 3 or 4 times will actually only buff that tile by 1.5 times instead of 2 times for the first two sides.
-The Treasury is useful when farming materials. It spawns a massive amount of resources if you are able to fill in all 8 tiles surrounding it. The rewards are better at higher loop levels so if possible keep at least one tile unfilled until you are about to end your run.
-When you trigger the first boss, it’ll spawn several buildings around the campfire. Each of these palaces will increase his stats by 5%! Try crowding the campfire with as many cards as you can, this prevents the Litch from spawning any buildings at all! You can also try to hold on to as many oblivion cards as possible to delete them before the fight.
-Orb of Expansion (7:30 – Time stamp)
-These things don’t even drop from a specific enemy, instead they have a small chance to drop after a battle with 4 or more enemies! You’ll need tiles that spawn a lot of mobs and luckily ranged (e.g. the worms from ruins) attackers count towards the total number of enemies as well.
-The easiest way I found to farm these was to get as many watch Towers as I could and to pack the tiles in their range with as many spawns as possible! For example, the Vampire mansions always spawn vampires if there is another mob present and you can put swamps in their range since swamp tiles make life steal HURT (and vampires life steal!). Or you can place a Village next to a Vampire Mansion to turn the village into a Zombie infestation which spawns 4 zombies plus a vampire but after 3 loops, the village upgrades and doesn’t spawn zombies any more.
-You can also try your luck with a Temporal beacon, it covers a huge range but these watchers are difficult to kill so make sure you can dish out enough damage (they also refuse to spawn with Vampires).
-Astral Orbs (8:27 – Time stamp)
-Only drop in the second, third, or fourth chapter and only from a few enemies including Watchers.
-Each chapter has a different cap to how many items you can bring back but if you manage to get the resource drop off skill when you level up, you can get away with farming at the earlier chapters if it helps!
Bonus video for fun!


Overpowered Rogue Build/Guide

Easy How To Guide for the Rogue

Check the video for visuals to accompany the guide below.
Attack Speed Damage All Rogue!
Focus on these stats
Attack Speed
Damage to All
And Some Evasion helps as well
You can mix and match most of your deck how you like but you’ll definitely want to have
-Outposts – Since they don’t steal items away from the rogue,
-Spiders – since they spawn in huge numbers
-and Forests and Thickets since they buff your attack speed
Make sure to Avoid
-Dunes and desserts since you can’t really spare much health
-Battlefields since they don’t drop items or trophies for the rogue which makes them kinda useless here
-You don’t really want Lanterns since they reduce the amount of enemies on a tile and you actually want as many enemies as possible.
Lastly, if you’ve unlocked the Arsenal or Crypt golden cards, both are very useful. The Arsenal grants the rogue a necklace equipment slot which ads more stats AND a sweet magic shield which helps a lot early on. But I preferred the Crypt since I was willing to loop as many times as I needed to beat some of the secret bosses and killing souled enemies can buff your health to insane amounts! Just be sure to add things like cemeteries and groves to the enemy party since spiders have no soul.
Got it? Great…Now cry havoc and let slip the Rogue of War!
Bonus video for fun!


How To Unlock All The Secret Bosses

How to find and kill the three secret boss fights:

Check the above video for visuals to accompany the guide below.
First let’s slay the Frog King. In order to do this you’ll need to place a Swamp on EVERY tile on your loop. This sounds easy but remember that swamps reverse lifes teal and health regen. For this reason I opted to use a Necro since the Rogue has innate vamperism and the Warrior has so many HP regen items. To help make sure swamp cards appear more often, s*rip away as much as possible from your deck. The Bookery really helped me cycle cards quickly and I made sure to use Lanterns everywhere since the actual boss fight is a joke, it’s surviving the swamp that matters. The Frog king has maybe 99% evasion. He will not attack and no other mobs join the fight….so just wait it out. He has only 2 HP and every hit will only do 1 damage. When he dies, he drops some meme reference as well as a full hand of cards and items…
Frog Boss Check!
This next boss battle took me a lot of tries to complete.
You need to overlap 6 different area of effect cards on ONE tile.
-Examples of cards that can do this are: Spider cocoon, Vampire mansion, Battle field, Road lantern, Bookery, Blood grove, Outpost, Chrono crystals, and Smith’s forge.
-When you start an expedition find a nice straight edge and plan your tile placement around that. Once you get all 6 effects overlapping you’ll see blue wisps coming up from the ground. When you feel ready, use an oblivion cardon these blue wisps to open a portal to the bosses.
-If this is your first attempt, you might realize that YOU ARE NOT READY! Like I said, it took me maybe 7 tries to finally get this sucker. There are a few things you should know about this battle and I’ll tell you how I defeated them as well:
Each boss has some specific quirks:
The Deceiver will have less health for every empty supply slot in the camp supply, and you can open up more slots by building and upgrading multiple mud huts and maxing your warehouses.
The Grind quirk also increases health by double the number of enemies you’ve killed on this save slot. So, this boss can get a lot of health bonus if you’ve killed tons of enemies to get here.
Blinchgets evasion equal to 2 x the current loop but never more than 50% and apparently his musica Universalis is affected by the Master volume in the game. I didn’t know this at the time so I took full music damage from this jerk!
TheRandom gets increased damage for every camp tile not used so try to fill in the empty space with farms and forests and whatever. You can reduce TheRandoms damage by 1% up to a max of 50% for each unlocked Monster Article (You can do this in the encyclopedia with the book of memories resource).
Finally, Finlalgets minus 25% defence for every chapter completed after the first. So it’s best to try this battle after completing the main game. He also gets +1% attack speed for each unoccupied tile on your current expedition.
-The way I managed to beat this boss was with an Attack Speed and Damage to ALL Rogue with a lot of evasion. I made sure to include a Smiths Forge for the extra armour buff, a blood grove to help chop down the bosses at low HP, and the Ancestral Crypt Golden Card. Since the Crypt increases your health for every enemy with a soul killed, I placed plenty of groves and cemeteries; and since I had a strong Damage all build I placed spiders which don’t have souls but melted quickly and had the benefit of dropping treasures and XP gain from my massive subburbs. I was more than willing to keep looping for as LONG as I needed meaning I amassed over 6 thousand HP and 8 hero levels on Loop 30! Even then, I still felt worried more than once in this battle.
Ridiculously hard True Creator boss fight? CHECK
You find him by selecting the a secret trait that only appears when there are only 2 remaining Traits to choose from in a single expedition (traits are the level up options you pick from). If you pick the secret trait, the boss will spawn on your current tile and wait for you to return on your next loop. Oh and this boss will make you lose one of your other traits every time he attacks you. Nice….
Bonus video for fun!


Written by Jovian

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Loop Hero – Full Guide + Overview & Tips; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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