Loop Hero – Spoilerless Unlockables Guide (WIP)

Loop Hero – Spoilerless Unlockables Guide (WIP) 1 - steamlists.com
Loop Hero – Spoilerless Unlockables Guide (WIP) 1 - steamlists.com

Table of Contents

Very very basic info to help complete your encyclopedia



As of writing I myself do not have everything unlocked. 
Below you’ll find a list corresponding to the ingame encyclopedia. 
The categories have the same names as ingame and the numbers. 
are counted from left to right, top to bottom. 
I have kept the info this basic to hopefully avoid any spoilers. 
The enemies section is a little more spoilery though, 
youll have to unlock the the land tiles first afterall. 
? = I dont know yet 
ufs = unlocked from start 
pau = place after unlocking 

Land Tiles

1 Basic road 
2 ufs 
3 ufs 
4 Overlap Battlefield Radius on a road with another battlefield 
5 pau 
6 Place Vampire mansion next to Road:5 
7 Complete the loops for Road:6 
8 Place next to Road:5 after unlocking 
9 Either oblivion Road:5 next to Road:8 , or place road:8 next to Road:12 
1. pau 
1. pau 
1. place 10 Landscape:10/11 
1. place landscape:8 on road tile 
1 ufs 
2 ufs 
3 pau 
4 place landscape:8 next to Roadside:3 
5 ufs 
6 place 10 rocks or mountains 
7 place Road:11 next to Roadside:6 
8 pau 
9 use up Roadside:8 
1. place next to grove or Landscape:10/11 
1. oblivion groves connected to Roadside:10 –or do the same with Landscape:10/11 , 
–or attach to Roadside:10 to Landscape:12 above 
–or place next to another one of :this which isnt connected to any of the above 
1. place 2 Road:5 
1. place Landscape:8 next to road 
1. pau 
1. pau 
1. ufs 
1 ufs 
2 ufs 
3 place rocks or mountains in 3×3 
4 ufs 
5 place meadow next to non meadow tile 
6 pau 
7 pau 
8 pau 
9 place Landscape:8 next to Landscape:6/7 
1. pau 
1. pau 
1. place Landscape:10/11 within range of Special:3 
1 ufs 
2 surround treasury with tiles 
3 pau 
4 ufs 
5 ? 
6 spawns in the 8 tiles around the campfire when fighting the first boss 
All golden cards are unlocked via building 


1 ufs 
2 grove 
3 spider nest 
4 cemetery 
5 fight next to cemetery 
6 after skeleton ability triggers 
7 battlefield 
8 chance for chest to be this 
9 blood path 
1. battlefield 
1. battlefield 
1. battlefield 
1. vampire mansion 
1. appears when vampire mansion and abondened bookery overlap 
1. vampire ability 
1. abondoned bookery 
1. goblin camp 
2. goblin camp 
2. goblin lookout 
2. ransacked village 
2. bandit camp 
2. mountain peak 
2. empty treasury 
2. blood grove 
2. smiths forge 
2. swamp 
2. wheat / overgrown fields 
3. overgrown field 
3. ruins 
3. reed 
3. shipwreck 
3. Fake Village 

Written by Argomundo

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Loop Hero – Spoilerless Unlockables Guide (WIP), if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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