League of Maidens – Top 10 Things to Know About Strengthening Your Warmaidens

League of Maidens – Top 10 Things to Know About Strengthening Your Warmaidens 1 - steamlists.com
League of Maidens – Top 10 Things to Know About Strengthening Your Warmaidens 1 - steamlists.com
Things every experienced player knows about advancing all the aspects of your Warmaiden to create a well-rounded powerhouse.



1 – Awakening: Once your character is made, you’ll want to Awaken her to allow her to level up. Press Esc to open the “Desktop” and click the picture of your character in the lower left hand corner. There are three options to Awaken, but since every new character gets a free Purification stone (on the right), just use that one. 
2 – Awakening/Character Level is increased with Light Cubes which you earn for every 10k XP earned. By default in the settings, Light Cubes are automatically converted to AP/Awakening XP. You can turn this off to save them for alts. 

Training Sessions

3 – HP, ATK, and DEF training in the Lobby should be done daily as you level up. This will apply a global bonus to your Outfits, Weapons, and Shields (even the free ones). You can see your current stats for each item in the Character Creator. The MAX is limited by your Guardian Level 

Guardian Level

4 – Guardian Level: This is your Account Level. This is the list of stats above your character portrait on the Desktop. You’ll start at level 1 of 15. You’ll need to earn BP (Battle Points) and Mission/Battle Wins to advance Guardian Level. The key is the Mission/Battle Wins which can only be earned from the Mission Trainer after Episode 3 and Squad Battle Mode after Episode 5. Each character can run 3 Mission/Battle simulations per day. 
5 – Battle Points (BP) are earned from everything you do. You use these for increasing your Guardian Level and for the Map Conquest (large globe in the Command Center). 

Skill Leveling (Permanent)

6 – Permanent Skill Leveling is accessed by pressing the Y key and opening your Loadouts. Each class has a class specific M1 skill and the Dual Pistol Skill can be unlocked on all characters. All other Skills (M2, Q, E, and R slots) can be learned by any character. Skills are either Upgraded with Gold or Crafted with Materials earned in game (and a choice of Gold, Shards, or Diamonds). Crafting is much cheaper and Out-of-class skills cost twice as much to Upgrade/Craft. 

Gear Levels, Forges and Grinders

7 – Gear is really a guide on it’s own but I’ll touch on it here. Gear is dropped randomly from all kills and certain bosses. Gear comes in three Tiers and Quality. The Quality is Common (White), Rare (Purple), and Epic (Gold). It is not possible to increase the Quality of the Gear, but you can increase the Tier. 
8 – Gear Tiers 1 through 3 are leveled up with Dark Cubes of the same Tier. Each Tier of Gear is rated +0 to +14. When you increase a piece of gear above +14 it will convert to the next Tier. Keep in mind Gear use is limited by your Guardian Level (5 for T2, 10 for T3, 15 for Ascension Gear). 
8. – Leveling of gear is done using a Forge found on the open world maps like Freedom City or with a Portable Forge purchased from a rare item vendor (you’ll need to find those 🙂 ) for in-game currency. 
8. – Using the Forge, you’ll pull the appropriate Tier Dark Cube and get a chance to increase the rating by 1. There is a chance to fail, but every 5th fail guarantees the next success. There is no backsliding/degrading of gear. Dark Cubes and other resources will be pulled from your Extended Storage automatically if you have it. 
9 – Extra Gear can be salvaged using a Grinder. Like the Forge, they are in certain areas on the open world maps or you can purchase a Portable Grinder with in-game currency. Grinders can convert Gear into Light Cubes, Dark Cubes, or Gold. Your Grinder can be leveled up (per character) up to Level 5 with increasing amounts of salvage awarded per level. 

Daily Quests and Interim Levels

1. – Once you reach Episode 3, most non-Story quests can be repeated multiple times per day, per character. These are a great way to earn all of the things listed above and will help increase your Interim Level which is your Warmaiden’s level for the current game session. 
Interim Level and Skill Points are temporary increases in power. As a tip, you can quickly farm the daily quests of a lower level zone (like Freedom City) before going into a higher level zone (Like Necropolis Desert) to boost your power. 

Written by Hikari Kenzaki

Hope you enjoy the Guide about League of Maidens – Top 10 Things to Know About Strengthening Your Warmaidens, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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