Krunker – How To Deal With Hackers

Krunker – How To Deal With Hackers 1 -
Krunker – How To Deal With Hackers 1 -
This is a complete guide on how to deal with hackers.



So, you’ve met a hacker, now this is simple, votekick. 
Press alt find their name, and click votekick. 
Now wait, as no one presses 1 to kick the hacker and instead they just leave. 


So the votekick didn’t work, why not report them? 
Again, click alt, and then find their name. 
Click on it, get through the bot test, and then click the red button on their profile, start to write the report and then go through the inevitable ‘disconnected’ 3 times while trying to write the report. 

Call KPD

Well, neither of those worked, thankfully the admins thought of this by adding KPD! 
Now you can just call other (high level and trusted) players to come and spectate the hacker, and then ban them if they are cheating. 
Click alt (while spawned in the game) and click the little police icon. This will call the KPD. 
Wait for the KPD officer to come and finally ban this hacker. 


None of these work. The admin team never helps, KPD is non-existent, and votekicking might as well be removed. Hackers will forever be a problem due to bad moderation for the common people. Better hope that Sorable is prowling around on KPD, or else no one is getting banned. 

Written by Polinaw

This is all about Krunker – How To Deal With Hackers; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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