Krunker – How to get KR?

Krunker – How to get KR? 1 -
Krunker – How to get KR? 1 -

What is KR?

KR is currency in Krunker, you can buy with it skins, graffiti, premium and more. U wanna get some of it? 

First way

First way is playing krunker on OFFICIAL servers. If u play on custom servers u will not get kr (not so many). You can play on "challange mode" which makes playing harder (50% hp, hp dont regen) but it give us 150% of normal KR for game. (If u get 10 KR, on "challenge mode" u will get 15 etc.) 

Second way

Second way is investing/sniping/selling skins. 
Investing- u have to buy some skins and sell it with profit (when u sell skins u must pay fee so if u buy skins for 50 u have to sell it for 60-65 to profit). 
Sniping – some people sell their Legendary or Relic (yellow and red) skins really cheap. If you snipe it, u will get profit for mostly 400 KR if Legendary and 900 if Relic. 
Selling skins – if you get skins that you dont use, just sell or quicksell it. For example I do 100 KR from only green skins that I dont use. 

Third way

Giveaways. Some of people just do giveaways on krunker hub/ Instagram (Krunker account on Instagram, they are giveawaying thousands of KR). In krunker hub you can join in giveaways and dont pay for it. Just follow and like post. I recommend to use Krunker hub – It’s really useful! 


If u want to ask something/you have more ways to get KR you can write it in comments. Enjoy your KR! 🙂 

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Krunker – How to get KR?; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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