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Just Die Already – Challenge Book 27 - steamlists.com
A guide on how to do all the challenges in the book



Ill be trying my best to make a comprehensive guide to help complete any tasks in the book people are stuck on. A lot of the tasks in the “Global” section should be slowly getting completed as you play the game, so try and set your sights on those ones last. I wont be writing a lot of them, but they are listed, feel free to ask questions if you need any help! 


Just Die Already - Challenge Book - Global 
Before i kick the Bucket 
Find the Bucket List
Electric Feels 
Get electrocuted by something
Chubby Boi 
Eat or Drink Something
Vending Machiner 
Spawn an item from an vending machine
Trash Respawner 
Respawn (total of 250 times)
Limb Loss 
Find a way to make one of your limbs pop off
This is all my medicine! 
Find some medicine in the retirement home and eat it
Sick moves grandpa 
Slip on a slippery surface
Fall Master 
Fall Down 70 meters or more in one go
Floating shock 
Get shocked by water
This is a tricky one, Go to the fish tank in the retirement home, on the 2nd floor by the stairs. electrocute that water with a electric wand then jump in 
Headless Horseman 
Hold your head in your hand and ride a hobby horse 
Look swole 
Swell up so the your character is barley recognizable 
Take more than 200 damage in one go
Probably just the Wine 
Bleed a certain amount
Super Bouncy  
Bounce on trampolines 60 times in less than 30 seconds
Drag a trampoline to a store with a low roof, so you dont get any air time and just keep on bouncing. I dragged mine to the tunnels by the construction site. 
Mark Your Territory 
Find electrified stuff to pee on
Oh lawd he coming 
eat so much you explode
Evil maniac 
Taunt citizens
Cable Guy 
Electrify different things
Grill Master 
Set fire to different things
Turn over trash cans
Off with Their Heads! 
Lose your head without losing any other body part
Zen garden has some wooden spikes, stand under one and jump. 
Chest Pro 
Open Chests
Chests respawn every time you re-load the game. so dont worry about hunting every one down, just have fun! 
Octo Hat 
Equip a Squid hat
Go to the parking lot behind zen garden. You will see some planks of wood on the ground. Remove them and head down the tunnel. The squid will be on a shelf in the room down there. 
There flapping! 
Find or grab nak*d people
Chain Reaction 
Cause a chain reaction of explosives
Break various objects
Use Explosives
Use various types of fireworks
Barry the chopper 
Chop 10 npcs with a axe
What did i do!? 
Get slapped by a millennial
Sticky situation 
Get various hazards stuck on you
Frozen popcicle 
Eat popcicles until you become an ice cube
An Arm and A Leg 
Unlock all limb doors
Check out my other Guide on it! (still working on how to link a guide in a guide) 
Climbin in ma’ Bones 
Climb 1000 metres on ladders
Not the bees!! 
Get stung by bees
use some bee nades, or go on the vent in the back alley, you will see a beehive on one of the patios. 
Korp football 
Get kicked by a bouncer as pelvis
Electrocute five npcs in one go
Head to zen garden, Those will be the only NPC you can get to chase you consistently, wait till you have 5 and strike them down with the power of Thors hammer from the toy store. 
Is it a little chilly in here? 
Get Frozen in to an ice block
Eat so many Popsicle from the store you freeze, or go to space. 
Hat Connoisseur 
equip seven different types of hats 
A real trapper 
Have 10 bear traps attached at the same time 
Birthday suit 
Become nak*d
Just Die Already - Challenge Book 
Top floor of the old folks home, take a shower. 
Grave digger 
Dig up stuff from the ground
Complete Pelvis puzzles
Royal Challenger 
Complete every other life goal in the bucket list

City Center

Get hit by a car
Shoot Some Hoops  
Score Shots with the basketball in a basketball hoop
This can be cheesed by using a fan or any flying device, and going in and out of the hoop with the ball in hand, Unfortunately it wont work for the achievement. 
Kid Fun 
Break into the toy store
Just Die Already - Challenge Book 
You can smash the glass with anything, going in will unlock a new area of challenges. 
Karaoke Master 
Help the man with his karaoke problem
Just Die Already - Challenge Book 
Run on in and talk to the NPC, To help his business you need to play any instrument ( theres a flute on the table) on the stage. A NPC should come running in and then the owner will have a line and the challenge should pop. 
Get in to the basket of the blimp
Just Die Already - Challenge Book 
Look up, see the golden blimp? use a fan and fire extinguisher. with alternating clicks and the right pattern, you can fly for ever. OR you can wait to see where its going and go on a roof near by, and then fly up to it. 
Prime deliverer 
Deliver boxes with a fork lift
Check out my guide i made for this one here! 
Body Dunker 
Dunk your self as a pelvis through the basket hoop
Just Die Already - Challenge Book 
Use the hoops in the middle, Use a C4 in the walking area uptop/behind the hoop. Throw the C4 on the wall and stand the right distance to become pelvis. Jump in to the hoop below. 
Top of the world 
Reach the top of the 3 highest skyscrapers
We’re going on an adventure! 
Grab a car while holding another character
Off the rails! 
Derail the cable car
Throw on some taser gloves and the give the caboose a big o’l slap! or hit it with any electric item. 
Is it a plane? is it a bird? 
Help a boomer down from a balloon
You will see people floating by a balloon randomly around the map up high. Help shoot one down, a dialog box should pop up when it happens. 
Wreck It! 
Destroy parked cars in city center
Use a rocket launcher or a steam roller, i flew around with the fan and shot everything in sight. 
Leap of Faith 
Jump from the tallest building in the city core and smash through the grate below
Just Die Already - Challenge Book 
The building with the golden jet pack, take a leap off the diving board. 
The Zombie Saga 
Vampire slayer 
Find and Slay the Vampire
Just Die Already - Challenge Book 
On the outskirts of the Dock’s,above the coffee shop, in the open window, up the stairs, LURKS A VAMPIRE! Have your wooden steaks ready! 
The Crypt! 
Find the entrance to the crypt
Just Die Already - Challenge Book 
Use the shovel and dig up the grave on the far bottom right, it will have a key for the door, NOTE: any gold key works on these doors. 
Room full of vampires 
Unlock the big door in the crypts
Keep on opening the graves, one will hold a key, or re-spawn and grab a key elsewhere on the map and come back to open the big doors. 
I’ll be back! 
Open the grave of S.Connor
Just Die Already - Challenge Book 
Look for the grave with S.connor, open it by smashing the name and the coffin will be behind it. 


Fish Master 
Fish up Fishes
Just Die Already - Challenge Book 
Take the rod from the pond behind the retirement home and head to the docks. In the water you will see puddles of fish, throw the lure in there and re-tap the cast button a couple seconds later and something should pop out of the water, repeat until the challenge is done. 
Unlock Bridges
Hit all the red buttons around 
Got Me Some Gold! 
Find the Golden Sabre in docks
Just Die Already - Challenge Book 
Head on over to the pirate cove, on the left inside a sharks mouth, be careful! 
Straight out of mexico 
Light the biggest firework you can find
Just Die Already - Challenge Book 
Above the firework shop, part of the decor sits a giant firework, Light it! 
Thing from the deep 
get eaten by a shark
Jump in the water. 
No more sushi! 
Blow up mama sushi
Just Die Already - Challenge Book 
Unlock or fly over the golden gate and head in the hut, bring over a cannon, a ball and aim it at the shop across the street. Use the flint to light it and enjoy the show! 
Fish Eater 
Eat a Large Fish
Fish Consumer  
Eat a truly giant fish
Just Die Already - Challenge Book 
Inside a shop on the far right, hanging on the wall 
Fish gorger 
Eat a even more truley giant fish
Just Die Already - Challenge Book 
Look up high, Any of the 2 will work. 

Zen Garden

A quick tip for Zen garden, If you want to break the big wooden doors, You need the “Big Boy” firework. One can be found inside the Garden in the first area, after using it you can reload your game and re-do it for the other doors if you do not have that item unlocked yet. 
Forbidden Palace 
Get into the zen garden
Break the fire hydrant in front and fly over the wall 
One with the system 
Steal a hat from a zen gardener
Gong Master 
Make at least five zen gardeners ragdoll by hitting the large gong
Ball Fondler 
Push all the balls into their respective holes
There are 3 balls around the Garden. 
Just Die Already - Challenge Book 
Just Die Already - Challenge Book 
An unholy Ritual 
Make a sacrifice at the blood Altar
Just Die Already - Challenge Book 
On the top of the middle temple, is a fragile roof, use some C4 and blow it up, inside get eaten by the praying mantis 
Join the Space Program 
Find your way to outer space
Just Die Already - Challenge Book 
One key is at the Blood Altar, The other is behind the golden Buddha statue. Take both to the booth that opend up after the “Ball Fondler” Challenge 
Hidden Dojo 
Open the Secret Entrance in Zen Garden
Just Die Already - Challenge Book 
Just Die Already - Challenge Book 
Take the statue on the left side of the garden to the right side of the temple, you should find a open spot for it. If you want to move it like butter, Take the fire shoes from the crates outside that room, and spawn in a jetpack at the vending machine 
Equip all furry clothes
Just Die Already - Challenge Book 
At the bottom of the secret entrance, open the door and in there is a healing pond and some costumes, equip one piece of them all. 

Kouen Park

Sheep Bouncer 
Bounce on three sheep within two seconds
I found this to be a luck based one, you can try and run in to the side of the sheeps for a smaller bounce, or being pelvis, but the mines will kill you fast, instead of getting so much airtime, or waiting for one of them to ram you in to another and bounce off a third, thats how i got it, along with taking a anti – ragdoll pill 
Look… A minefield! 
Bounce on 10 mines within 10 seconds
This cannot be done in a vehicle, just keep on jumping in to mines until it pops 

Sport Center

Absolute Batter 
Hit a ball from the batting range
Use any golden key to unlock the cage, you dont need to swing for this to count, just have a ball hit the bat your holding 
Olympic Swimmer 
Swim across the pool in less than 10 seconds
Get a jetpack and fire extinguisher, you will skip across the top like a rock on the pond. 
Score a goal
Super Easy, on the soccer field, score a goal, watch out for the mines and turrets 


Ring of FIre 
Jump through a burning ring with a bicycle
Just Die Already - Challenge Book 
The ring by the graveyard can be lit on fire, take a bike from the back alley and ride it through! 
Jump through the giant ring with a bike
Just Die Already - Challenge Book 
The giant hoop is in the middle of the map above the basketball hoops with the tram 
Scooter maniac 
Hit 5 people with weapons while riding the scooter
Car Flattener 
Crush a car with a steam Roller


Attach balloons to objects
I am the thunder God! 
Strike with the energy hammer so hard that sparks fly everywhere

Ending Reward

Congratulations! you have completed the challenge book! The reward of this daunting task is a crown you can spawn in at any vending machine! let other players know you have 100% the game by wearing that proudly in online lobby’s. 
Just Die Already - Challenge Book 
Thank you for your time! have a wonderful day! 

By Foozo

This is all about Just Die Already – Challenge Book; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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