Alone in the Dark 1 – Jack in the Dark Walkthrough (100%)

Alone in the Dark 1 – Jack in the Dark Walkthrough (100%) 1 -
Alone in the Dark 1 – Jack in the Dark Walkthrough (100%) 1 -
Walkthrough of little game “Jack in the Dark”


In short


  1. Use DIME on candy machine next to counter; 
  2. Empty OIL LAMP on doll when it starts to talk; 
  3. Play TOY DRUM until all 3 toys are in the chest; 
  4. Drop VANITY near dolls who stand near bars, get the dropped CANDY STICK
  5. Give such CANDY STICK to One-Eyed-Jack, when he eats it, use MIRROR on him.


How to start

In fact, this is not an add-on, but a standalone game, but it is launched from the same MS-DOS console as “Alone in the Dark” itself. When the black console opens, just press the number “2” on your keyboard. Watch the credits and the game will begin. 



  • Arrows – walking and navigating in the menu (control character as if it a tank – hold “left” and “right” to turn); 
  • Double click on the up arrow – running; 
  • Enter – open a menu, close a menu, select an action; 
  • Pick up objects by simply stepping on them and choosing option on the right.

It is possible to save through the menu by “ESC”, but we do not need it at all. 

How to complete


  1. Collect the necessary items: there is Oil Lamp and Dime on the floor. Search the chest – there will be Toy Drum, search the corner behind the cash register, there will be Book, which describes the story of toys and gently hints at how to deal with them. If you don’t know English, you may skip the book; 
  2. There is a candy machine next to the cash register, use a coin on it. Candies will fall out, you can eat them right away, they have no use; 
  3. As soon as you get sweets, the Princess Puppet will attack you. Come close to her, as soon as you hear a weird voice, select in the menu Oil Lamp and choose “EMPTY” action, Major will slip, Major will fall
  4. Take Drum in your hands and walk next to the chest long enough for all three toys that blocked the passage, climbed into the chest. If they get stuck, walk a little around the chest until toys see the route; 
  5. Go into the room that was previously blocked by toys, on the left pick up Vanity and Mirror
  6. There are two dolls on the right by the grate, drop Vanity not far from them. One of the dolls will drop a Candy Stick, we will need it later, do not eat it. You can pick up a Teddy Bear, but it has no use; 
  7. Approach One-eyed Jack, give him the Candy Stick. When he eats it, use a Mirror on him; 
  8. Enjoy the final cutscene :3


By Michanicks

This is all about Alone in the Dark 1 – Jack in the Dark Walkthrough (100%); I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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