Just Cause 3 – How to Modify Keybind

Just Cause 3 – How to Modify Keybind 1 - steamlists.com
Just Cause 3 – How to Modify Keybind 1 - steamlists.com

Hi, welcome to this post, In this guide, we will tell you everything about Just Cause 3 – How to Modify Keybind Follow this guide step by step.

Because the key layout is terrible (at least for gamepads), here’s a guide to rearranging key binds at your leisure, as well as the template I used for this game.

Why switch keymaps?


If you already played the game a bit, you might noticed that some key binds for gamepads are… questionable. I didn’t kept track about the times I killed myself with a grenade or crashed a plane by accident.

To save you some frustration, I made this guide.

If your not interested in editing the keymap yourself, you can copy the same keymap I made for my playthrough (for Gamepad): https://pastebin.com/ExsWDx7w – [pastebin.com] https://pastebin.com/ExsWDx7w – [pastebin.com]

See next section about how to replace the file.

How to Change Your Own Keybindings?

The keymap for Just Cause 3 is located at Documents/Square Enix/Just Cause 3 / a very long nuber (at least for windows). In the last folder, there’s a file called “keymap.txt”. You can open and edit it with any text editor. Each action that requieres input is listed in the following format:


“action”: “LOOK_UP”,




“action”: “LOOK_UP”,



As you can see, each action is listed twice: One time for PC keyboard input, and one time for gamepad input. To change to keybinds to another key, simply replace the keys name within the quotation marks after “key:”. Watch out not to put a gamepad button at the keyboard section, and visa versa.

The correct name of each button is already somewhere in the file, but the format is really easy to use. Use str + f to quickly search for the name of an action you want to replace the keybinds for.

Make sure you don’t “overload” buttons by accident. The game might not crash directly because of that, but it certainly leads to unintended behavior.

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