Impact Point – All Weapon Tier List Guide

Impact Point – All Weapon Tier List Guide 1 -
Impact Point – All Weapon Tier List Guide 1 -

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Weapons are an essential part of this game. If you want to win, you must use them (if not, convince the entire lobby to press OK).
There are 10 weapons, as well as a bulletproof vest that acts temporarily as a shield.
Bellow is a tierlist rating each Item and bellow it.
Impact Point - All Weapon Tier List Guide - The list - 5F91327
S tier:
Sniper [Stupidly op weapon that fires 1 shots and has 5 ammo (pls. nerf)]
Crossbow [deals 75% in the player's health, and also shoots fast & accurately]
Bulletproof vest [protects one hit, very balanced]
A tier:
Knife [1 shot of the opponent, but you must get very close to them in order to hit]
Minigun [Fast firing, low damage and poor accuracy. I recommend using it close up with a vest.
B tier:
MP5K [Hard-to-remember name, decent shooting speed, accuracy, not high damages tho]
Assult rifle [good range and speed, 2 shots opponent]
C tier:
Revolver [Slow assult gun]
Shotgun [small-range assult rifle that can fire more bullets]
Chaisaw [Similar to a knife, but a little worse]
D tier:
Handgun [slow, takes three hits to kill, only good if you have no other options]
You can create your OWN Tierlist by using my template: – [] 


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