Immortals Fenyx Rising – Steam Deck Guide and Configuration

Immortals Fenyx Rising – Steam Deck Guide and Configuration 1 -
Immortals Fenyx Rising – Steam Deck Guide and Configuration 1 -

Welcome to Immortals Fenyx Rising – Steam Deck Guide and Configuration Guide.

This tutorial will guide you on how to fix the game on steam deck.


Ubisoft or Proton must solve these problems:

  • In direct sunlight, grass blades may exhibit a slight flickering effect. This can be reduced by changing antialiasing to high or medium, but it is not permanent.
  • If you put the deck to sleep, the game will get stuck. I recommend saving the game and quitting it when you are done.
  • Popup Classic Annoyance of Ubi Connect


First steps

Install Proton GE43

  • Type Proton into the search bar in Discovery’s app store.
  • Download Protonup qt
  • Click Add Version
  • Wait for Proton GE43 to complete, then give it a moment before you start).
  • Return to Gaming Mode
  • On the Settings->Compatibility tab for Immortals Fenyx Rising, we will force Proton GE 43. You will find it at the top of the list, usually. We will now deal with the Ubiconnect stuff that can fail on non-default proton.

Set up your gamepad

The game does not recognize the Decks gamepad. Open the game’s Library tab and select the controller near the settings on the right. Select the default option and replace it with Community Templates -> Gamepad

Deal with UbisoftConnect

You must install and log into the deck if you first use it. Sometimes the deck will show the circle thing rather than what is happening. This could lead to you thinking it is hanging up. To set up the Ubi launcher if you’ve never used it, I recommend launching from desktop mode.

Do not be afraid if you have to spend some time checking additional content. This is a Ubisoft issue and can also happen on pc. Wait a while. It will get faster with successful boots.

Once the game is over, we can begin to

Remove the popup

On the top right, you will see a popup promoting Ubi Connect. It will not disappear on its own.

Select Ubisoft Connect from your main menu. Open the overlay and navigate to the Gear icon in the bar to the left. Uncheck all notification boxes. Enter. The overlay may not disappear for 90% of the time so you must exit the game. Pop-ups will no longer appear. Don’t worry if Ubi Connect asks you for a password during future game boot sessions. It will quickly move on its own. Ironically, it only asks for passwords for older games.

Now, let’s get started

Enable Proton GE 43

Go back to

Settings->Compatibility tab for Immortals Fenyx Rising, and force the use of Proton GE43. It will be at the top of the list most often.

There. Now, the game should be operational. Let’s make it work.

Game Settings

Go to video settings and change Borderless to Fullscreen. Turn v-sync off.

If you are too far away), turn Fov down to 90-92 (.

Turn off photo mode in the Game Settings tab.

Recommended: Medium preset, 40hz, and 40fps caps.

The game must build a cache, so you might feel stuttering when you first jump into water or use certain particle effects. To speed up the process, I recommend running the in-game benchmark right after installing it. If you continue to see drops or instability after a while, you can try changing settings or setting a lower framerate.

This is personal preference, but I aim to achieve 40fps and limit the framerate to that by setting the display at 40hz. The game’s framerates are unstable so you will need to use the Low preset. You can also turn up Textures to medium or medium and Adaptive resolution.

I use the Medium preset. Textures are on a high, Shadows are on Low, and AA is on Medium. I see a few drops at 40hz, but nothing significant. I could probably set the settings to increase or decrease the cap to 30. You should experiment. Also, remember that the game can drop frames in certain areas so adjust for the lowest framerate possible to avoid stuttering.

Anyone who doesn’t want to tinker should have a medium at 30. I recommend disabling motion blur.

Final considerations

It is important to know that it takes some effort to make it playable. The default setting of the game is too high.

The game will get stuck if the deck is put to sleep. I recommend saving the game and quitting it when ready to put it down.


Written by ffrasisti [ARG]

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Immortals Fenyx Rising – Steam Deck Guide and Configuration; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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