How to Unlock Story Achievements and Walkthrough in SANABI

How to Unlock Story Achievements and Walkthrough in SANABI 1 -
How to Unlock Story Achievements and Walkthrough in SANABI 1 -

How to Unlock Story Achievements and Walkthrough in SANABI

Hey there, fellow gamers! Ready to dive into SANABI’s world and snag some sweet story achievements? As you roll through the game’s epic journey, you’ll bag most achievements without even trying. But hey, let’s talk about those sneaky ones that might need an extra nudge!

Choose Your Own Adventure

Ever faced a crossroads where you gotta choose between the cold truth or a comforting lie? That’s what “Choose the Lie You Want to Believe” is all about. This game-changer moment in SANABI lets you steer the story. So, gear up for a decision that could twist your tale in unexpected ways.

The Road Less Travelled

In the heart of Chapter 4, Part 6, lies a choice that’s daring, a little risky, and totally worth it. Here’s where you can unlock an awesome achievement by venturing off the beaten path. Ready to dive into the unknown and uncover some hidden gems?

These key moments aren’t just about ticking off achievements; they’re your chance to weave your own unique story in SANABI. So, embrace these choices and let’s see where your adventure takes you!

1. There is nowhere to run

Step into the shoes of a playful parent in chapter 0. Your daughter’s up for some fun roleplaying, and here’s your chance to play along. Roleplaying with your daughter is the most sacred duty.

In chapter 0 (you have to start a new game for this), when your daughter asks to roleplay with you, repeatedly try to run away on the right side.

2. Special Forces Cat

Meet Agent Moew, the coolest cat in chapter 0.  In chapter 0, don’t touch the “lava” (red zones) in the tutorial with the daughter.

3. Undeteriorating Skill

In chapter 0 complete the final part of the military training course in less than 26 seconds.

4. Taking the lead

Beat Major Song’s record. In chapter 4 part 1 finish the last part of the military course in less than 29 seconds. Plus, you get endless retries without backtracking. Time to hit the gas!

5. The Legend Returns

Here’s the big one: conquer SANABI on Legend difficulty. It’s not just about beating the game; it’s about becoming a legend yourself. Are you ready to rise to the challenge and etch your name in the halls of gaming glory?

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