How to Unlock DreamSnaps in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley 1 -
Disney Dreamlight Valley 1 -

How to Unlock DreamSnaps in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Ever thought of diving deep into the magical world of Disney Dreamlight Valley? Well, the key to this world is DreamSnaps! And to get a grip on them, there’s a mission you’ll want to know about: the Faith, Dust, and Pixel Dust. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to bring Vanellope von Schweetz right into the heart of the valley. And while you’re at it, use the game’s photo mode to immerse yourself in DreamSnaps. Add the magic materials to your pictures, and you’re all set.

Where to Find Weekly Challenges and How to Dive In?

So, it’s a weekly challenge thing with DreamSnaps, and it gets rolling every Wednesday, sharp at 1 p.m. UTC. Curious about the theme of the week? Just take a quick peek at the Event tab. Here’s a fun twist: there are Mandatory and Suggested traits. Think of them as special ingredients for your photos. Like, during the Dreamlight Ball challenge, you’ll want to sprinkle in some Elegant and Wondrous vibes. And Vanellope? She loves things that feel Playful and oh-so Familiar.

Getting involved is a breeze. Snap a pic with the items of the week and send it over to DreamSnaps. Second thoughts about your shot? No stress. Just click another and replace the old one.

How Voting Works and What’s in It for You?

When the week winds down, it’s showtime! The voting period kicks off on the Event tab. Here’s the cool part: you get to pick and choose your fave shots from fellow gamers. And just for jumping in? You’re looking at a neat 50 Moonstones. Dive deeper, and there are 300 Moonstones waiting for you. Yep, even if you’re still getting the hang of snapping pics. And to top it off? A surprise furniture or clothing item.

For the cream of the crop—the top five shots—they’re looking at a whopping 5,500 Moonstones. Plus, some extra goodies in the mailbox. Oh, and every snap earns you Pixel Dust. Great for leveling up in DreamSnaps.

How to Handpick the Right Props?

So, picking out the perfect items for the DreamSnaps challenge? There’s a hack for that. Head over to the Furniture tab or get into photo mode. One way is to hit the Filters and drop down to the Traits area. Pick the ones that fit the bill. Or, snap first and check if you’ve ticked all the boxes after.

The Dreamlight Ball: Where It All Began

The Dreamlight Ball? That was the very first photo throwdown in the game. A chance for everyone to go all out, dressing to the nines for the valley. And when the voting time comes around, it’s not just about collecting your Moonstones. It’s also that electric moment when you see if your photo clinched the top spot once the curtains come down on the event.

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