How to Unlock All Duelist Skills Guide in Dungeon 2

How to Unlock All Duelist Skills Guide in Dungeon 2 1 -
How to Unlock All Duelist Skills Guide in Dungeon 2 1 -

How to Unlock All Duelist Skills Guide in Dungeon 2

Hey there, Dungeon 2 adventurers! Ready to unleash the full power of the Duelist character in Darkest Dungeon 2? Let me walk you through snagging all her skills. Each one is like a treasure, hidden in battles and story bits at the Duelist Shrine. Here’s how to grab each skill and what they do for your game.

Chapter One: Academie Duello

First up, head to a Hero Shrine and pick Sahar as your go-to. This chapter, called “Academie Duello,” is like a trip down memory lane, where Sahar was mastering the sword. Tune into her story, and bam! You unlock “The Boot.” Think of it like the Crusader’s “Stunning Blow.” It’s super handy for sending enemies flying back three spots. Whether you use this trick or not, totally depends on who you’re up against.

Chapter Two: After Hours

Next, you’ll find yourself in another Hero Shrine face-off. But this time, it’s more of a chill tutorial, no sweat. Your mission? Hit the training dummy three times while switching between Defensive and Aggressive Stances. Nail this, and you’ll get the “Again” skill. It’s a game-changer, letting you trade your Stance to cut down your ally’s cooldown times. Its coolness varies, so play it by ear.

Chapter Three: Insatiable

Chapter Three, “Insatiable,” serves up another piece of the story. It’s all about chasing perfection. Listen up, and you unlock “Flèche.” It’s a dynamo when paired with the “Preparation” ability, especially against bosses. With a 30% damage bonus and some neat buffs, it’s a heavy hitter. Using “Flèche” puts you in Aggressive Stance, moves you up three ranks, and wipes out Dodge tokens, if you’re not in Defensive Stance (when upgraded).

Chapter Four: A Taste of Victory – Defeating Mentor

The fourth chapter is the biggie. You’re up against the Duelist’s Mentor. It’s a real brain-teaser, juggling Aggressive and Defensive stances. Key moves? Use “Disengage” a lot, balance your healing, and keep the damage coming. It’s a patience game. Win, and you get “Meditation.” It’s like turning the Duelist into a tank. She draws in attacks, hoping Dodge tokens will save the day. “Meditation” also gives you Dodge tokens and, depending on your stance, either Taunt or Riposte tokens.

Chapter Five: The Perfection

After your victory dance with the Mentor, Chapter Five, “The Perfection,” wraps up the Duelist’s tale. Here, you get two skills: “Coup de Grace” and “Ruthless Instruction.” The lowdown on Ruthless Instruction isn’t clear yet, but it’s a big deal for the Leper in combat. It meshes his Taunt moves with Dodge and Blind tricks, making him more reliable and slippery in battle.

Boosting Leper Skills

To kick off “Ruthless Instruction,” the Leper needs to be in Aggressive Stance. Once on, your target gets double the Dodge tokens, upping their dodge game big time. When you upgrade this skill, the Leper also gets to ignore Blind tokens for three rounds, sharpening his hit rate.

Then there’s “Coup de Grace.” Perfect for finishing off enemies in Darkest Dungeon 2. Its “Execution” ability lets the Leper skip the Death Door token, ensuring a clean takedown. No more crossing fingers for enemy deaths; this skill means business. To use it, the Leper should be in Defensive Stance. It deals 6 damage, boosts Critical damage by 10%, and laughs in the face of Block and Weak tokens. The Leper hits hard, no matter what defenses the enemy puts up.

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