How to Obtain the Maligraphic Mount Endless Archive in Elder Scrolls Online

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How to Obtain the Maligraphic Mount Endless Archive in Elder Scrolls Online

Hey friends, got your gaming hats on?  Let me spill some epic news! The Elder Scrolls Online is rolling out something super cool in Update 40! Ever heard of the Maligraphic Mount from the PTS Patch Notes? Oh, it’s all the rage! Here’s a little insider info on how you can snag it by braving the twists and turns of the Endless Archive. Ready, set, quest!

So, you’re up for some exciting challenges?  Picture this: you, yes you, can win the Maligraphic Mount by diving headfirst into an adventure – the “Ichor Most Malevolent” achievement!  Just round up 50 Maligraphic Ichors and show them who’s boss.

How to Find  Maligraphic Mount?

Now, this is where the fun starts! Embark on this wild ride called Dailies in the Endless Archive. It’s like your favorite roller coaster, but longer. You’ve got to crush it through four Cycles, ending with an epic boss smackdown. Win, and bam! You’ve got yourself some Maligraphic Ichors, Archival Fortunes, cool gear, and more!  Or, hey, why not shortcut it? Grab some Ichors from the Watchling merchant for 15,000 Archival Fortunes. (But where’s the fun in that, right?)

Check you out, hoarding 50 Maligraphic Ichors like a pro! Now, cash them in for your ticket to the “Ichor Most Malevolent” achievement.  You just unlocked your very own Maligraphic Mount!

Ready to be the envy of your Elder Scrolls Online squad? Remember, it’s not just about the destination; it’s all about the journey. And what a journey it’ll be! Dive into the Endless Archive, gather those Ichors, and make some unforgettable memories. Adventure is out there, waiting for you!

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