How to Get the FREE Skeletor Operator Skin in Warzone 2 and MW 2

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How to Get the FREE Skeletor Operator Skin in Warzone 2 and MW 2

Big news for Call of Duty fans: the legendary Skeletor is about to make an entrance! If you grew up watching He-Man, you’d recognize this iconic villain with an unforgettable skull face and a wicked vibe. Now, it’s time for Skeletor to jump from the Masters of the Universe saga into the Call of Duty battleground.

Where Did Skeletor Come From?

In case you’re not in the loop, Skeletor isn’t new to the villain scene. This guy is the epitome of evil and magic in the Masters of the Universe story. And now, he’s ready to bring his special flavor of mayhem to the Call of Duty world.

When to Expect Skeletor in Season 6

Circle September 27 on your calendar—that’s when Season 6 drops. Activision promises a bag full of surprises with this update, including fresh maps, cool weapons, and a spooktacular Halloween event slated for October 17. And guess who’s making a grand entrance? Yep, Skeletor as a playable operator!

How to Score the Skeletor Operator Skin

Once Skeletor lands in the game, you’ve got some options to make him yours. Just like with other Operator skins, you can either rise to some in-game challenges or, if you prefer the fast track, buy the Skeletor cosmetics.

What’s in the Skeletor Operator Bundle?

The Skeletor skin isn’t coming alone. There’s a bundle packing some evil magic-themed Blueprints and Emblems to spruce up your loadout. While we’re still in the dark about the exact contents and price (rumored at 2,400 CoD points), whispers say if Skeletor becomes a hit, a He-Man operator skin might follow. Exciting, huh?

So, gear up to channel some serious Skeletor energy in Call of Duty. This is your shot to fight as one of the most legendary villains (or should I say anti-heroes?) in the gaming universe.

Unlocking the Skeletor Operator Skin

Can’t wait to play as Skeletor? The Skeletor Operator skin will be up for grabs starting October 17, during the Haunting event of Season 6. With 2,400 CoD points, you’ll not only unlock Skeletor but also get your hands on those evil magic-themed Blueprints and Emblems we talked about earlier.

Limited Time Offer – Act Quick!

A little heads-up: Skeletor Operator skin won’t stick around forever. It’s a limited-time offer during Season 6. So, if you’re keen on adding some Skeletor power to your game, better act fast!

What About Future Games?

Here’s some more good news. With the Carry Forward system, all your beloved Operators, weapons, and other purchases will move with you to Modern Warfare 3. That means the Skeletor Operator skin is not just a one-game wonder. It’ll be your gaming buddy in future releases too!

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, everything you need to know about the Skeletor Operator skin dropping in Season 6. Whether you’re chasing in-game challenges or planning a purchase, get ready to welcome this skull-faced bad guy to your Call of Duty collection. Game on!

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