How to Fix Fortnite Stuck On Checking For Updates in 2023

How to Fix Fortnite Stuck On Checking For Updates in 2023 1 -
How to Fix Fortnite Stuck On Checking For Updates in 2023 1 -

How to Fix Fortnite Stuck On Checking For Updates in 2023

Known for its regular updates, Fortnite is a favorite among many. Yet, there’s been a snag. A lot of players are getting stuck during the checking for updates phase. This guide will shed light on the problem and offer ways to solve it.

Why Does This Fortnite Update Error Happen?

With a strong need for an uninterrupted internet connection, it’s no wonder players are peeved with this update check error. Unable to dive into matches or even sign in; it’s believed this might be due to the current game update. Players find the game hung up on this update check.

How to Fix the Stuck on Update Check Issue

Caught up in this sticky situation? Let’s look at what you can do:

1. Ensure your internet’s solid: Before anything, restart Fortnite and make sure you’re online. Often, this update check gets tripped up by shaky internet.

2. Give your device a fresh start: If it’s still acting up, power off and on your console or PC, where you’re playing Fortnite. This can often clear out tiny glitches causing the issue.

3. Double-check the game files: Head to the Epic Games Launcher, find Fortnite, click on those three dots on the top right, and hit “verify”. This checks and fixes any wonky game files.

4. Fresh install: Still stuck? Maybe uninstalling and putting Fortnite back might do the trick. This method starts you off with clean game files.

News Direct from Fortnite’s Official Twitter

The bigwigs at Fortnite have tweeted about this. They know what’s happening, and they’re on it. For now, keep tabs on their tweets. But remember, the fixes above might work, even as we wait for their official solution.

Behind Fortnite’s Update Check Glitch

With the season’s end, Fortnite’s rolling out weekly updates with cool new stuff. But sometimes, these shake things up a bit too much, causing errors like the one we’re seeing now. A handful of players have fixed it using the steps above.

In wrapping up, if checking for updates on Fortnite, has you waiting forever, try those steps out. And don’t forget to peek at Fortnite’s Twitter for the official word. With the season’s end, you won’t want to miss out on all the new in-game goodies. So, sorting this update check glitch is key.

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