How to Choose the Best Steam Deck Screen Protector for 2023

How to Choose the Best Steam Deck Screen Protector for 2023 1 -
How to Choose the Best Steam Deck Screen Protector for 2023 1 -

How to Choose the Best Steam Deck Screen Protector for 2023

So, do you want to keep your Steam Deck screen scratch-free? Awesome! You’re in the right place. Screen protectors might look like just bits of plastic or glass, but trust me, they’re real game-changers when it comes to guarding your device.

Diving into the Best Screen Protectors for Your Steam Deck

Let’s make this simple. I’ve looked around and picked the top three screen protectors that’ll be a perfect fit for your Steam Deck. Each one’s got its perks, so let’s get started!

1. The All-Rounder – Benazcap

Pros: It comes with a super useful install tool, boasts 9H hardness, and it’s a 2-pack.
Cons: Remember when they had a cheaper version without the tool? Yup, not anymore.

Benazcap offers a bang for your buck at $20 USD. With features like 9H tempered glass, oleophobic coating, and chamfered edges, it’s a pretty solid choice. Oh, and it throws in wipes, dust stickers, and a squeegee to make your life easier.

2. On a Budget? Try JSAUX

Pros: Friendly on the wallet, comes with an install tool, and has oleophobic coating & 9H hardness.
Cons: Slightly thicker and the install tool isn’t as cool as Benazcap’s.

JSAUX offers a sweet deal with screen protectors ranging from $10 to $15 for a pair. The $10 one is a steal, minus some fancy features. Despite its thickness, it brings the same oleophobic coating and 9H hardness to the table. Plus, you get an installation guide, a squeegee, and wipes. Not bad, right?

3. Want Premium? Go dbrand

Pros: Top-notch quality, sleek design, and that oleophobic coating.
Cons: No install tool, and it’ll cost you a bit more.

For luxury seekers, dbrand is your go-to. At $25 for two, it’s a premium choice. They might’ve skipped the installation tool, but the quality is top-tier. dbrand is known for being durable and reliable. So, if you’re all about longevity and peace of mind, here’s your match.

How to Spot a Great Screen Protector

Before we wrap up, let’s quickly chat about what makes a screen protector worth it.

First off, durability. You’d want one that doesn’t give up on you soon. A high hardness rating, like 9H, can be your shield against those annoying scratches. So, game on, and leave the worries of damaging your screen to your protector. Find one that suits your pocket and preference, and you’re all set for a scratch-free gaming journey!

What Makes a Screen Protector Perfect?

Scratches are a no-no, right? That’s why you need a protector. Tempered glass ones with high hardness are champs at fighting off scratches. But be gentle; they might break if you’re too rough. Films are thinner, more flexible, and cheaper. But they might get scratched up a bit.

Where Clarity Meets Protection

Now, a protector is cool, but not if it ruins the view. Make sure yours doesn’t dull your Steam Deck’s bright and vibrant display. Remember, while matte ones might sound fancy, they might not be as clear.

Beauty Matters Too!

A good protector should feel like it’s part of your device. Those with chamfered edges give a smooth, finished look. So, you get protection without compromising on style.

Don’t Forget About Fingerprints

If you’re always swiping and tapping, you’ll know the pain of fingerprints. Go for protectors with an oleophobic coating to keep those smudges away. It makes life just a little bit easier!

Do You Really Need a Screen Protector?

Let’s chat about whether a screen protector is truly essential. Modern glass screens are pretty tough. They can handle the usual suspects like keys and coins without getting scratched. But here’s a heads up: tiny things like sand can still give your screen a hard time if they’re jostling around in your pocket or bag.

Think of a screen protector as a safety net. If you’ve had a run-in with scratched screens before or if you’re a bit clumsy with your Steam Deck, a screen protector is like a safety blanket. It’s a tiny investment for big peace of mind.

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