The Devils You Know in Starfield Walkthrough

The Devils You Know in Starfield Walkthrough 1 -
The Devils You Know in Starfield Walkthrough 1 -

The Devils You Know in Starfield Walkthrough

Picture this: you’re in Starfield, navigating the “The Devils You Know” side quest. It’s a chance to meet a famous bad guy and help with one of his jobs. But first things first – make sure your ship’s all good to go, and you’ve got enough Ship Repair Parts.

It’s a pretty direct mission. No major tricks or time-wasters. So, let’s chat about what you need to do.

Setting the Stage: Alright, head over to the MAST District. Look for the Quest marker, and it’ll take you to an elevator. Pick Subsection Seven and keep moving. There’s this guarded door. The Vanguard guy will ask your buddy to hang back. Go in and chat with the person on the other end of the intercom.

Unveiling a Dark Past: You’ll meet Vae Victus or, as some call him, Francois Sanon. They were not the best guys around – they used a nasty virus called Terrormorph to craft weapons, causing a lot of chaos. He’s supposed to be long gone, but guess what? He’s got a task for you: find Dr. Reginald Orlase. Dead or alive, it’s your call.

A Choice to Make: Now, if you’re having second thoughts, there’s this optional thing you can do. Check-in with Deputy Macintyre. She’ll hint at getting Dr. Reginald back alive. But, you do you. It’s your game.

Tracking Dr. Reginald Orlase: Back to your ship. Take a Grav Jump to the Wolf System. Keep an eye on the Chthonia Planet till you see The Den. That’s where you’re heading. At the end of a hallway, you’ll find Captain Rayna Marquez. She might not have all the deets on Dr. Reginald, but she knows about a weird ship called the Warlock.

Pursuing the Warlock: With Marquez’s tips, get back to your ship and look for the Warlock. It should be near the Etherea Ruins. That’s your next stop.

A Fateful Encounter: Gear up; it’s showdown time with the Warlock. The ship’s going to be a tough one. When it’s banged up enough, you’ve got a choice: end it or hop on board. Either way, it’s bad news for Dr. Reginald. He’s either gone with his ship or, well, he’s just gone.

Gathering Evidence: No matter what happens, grab Dr. Reginald Orlase’s UC Science ID. That’s your proof.

Reporting Back: Head back to Vae Victus. Tell him how it went down and give him the UC Science ID. He’ll tell you most of his crew will end up at the Red Devils Headquarters, except this one guy, Kaiser.

And there you have it! Navigate “The Devils You Know” like a pro. Remember, every choice you make shapes your adventure. Enjoy!

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