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Half-Life 2 – All About Red Gordon Freeman (removed HL character) WIP 1 - steamlists.com
This will talk about Red Gordon, his origins, his story and his sad but livable life



Red Gordon Freeman is a character cut from Half-Life and Half-Life 2 in an update on 2007 (HL) and 2009 (HL2) 
He was similar to G-Man 

Part 1. The color

He was born with a rare genetic disease that caused him to have a red hue, his appearance may suggest that he is related to Gordon Freeman in some way, because of this disease nobody liked him, causing his family to disown him, he was never liked at school and developed learning disabilities 

Part 2. Relationships

Because he was treated badly to other people he couldn’t get a girlfriend or boyfriend, he did however have a pet dog as his first (and only) official family member, he’d try his best to keep him healthy and happy as this was his first time taking care of a creature 
He was friends with Otis back at Black Mesa and also appeared to have relations with Gordon, albeit they aren’t friends, as a result Red Gordon wanted to be like him due to their similar looks and how they were both mute, he later on realised they have similar names, thus picking up the nickname “Red Gordon Freeman” 

Part 3. His job

He worked as a janitor at Black Mesa, originally wanting to be a security guard however couldn’t due to his lack of knowledge and failure at using a gun he would be mainly cleaning the main areas and rarely could clean the bigger or less used areas, this caused a cockroach infestation during the Resonance Cascade in some rooms but he still got a paycheck that could allow him to get food for his dog, himself and shower water to keep them clean, he’d also be caught trying to look at scientists and security guards 
“You see that guy? He’s giving me weird looks” said one of the security guards, about 2 days before the Resonance Cascade 

His appearances in Half-Life

He’d be seen in the background cleaning places before and during the resonance cascade, later on he’d give up and pick up a pistol from a dead security guard and make a terribly forged HEV Suit replica from scrap metal, the most combat he’d get into was against an unaware HECU member (putting the gun next to their head and shooting it) or 2 headcrabs (during these you could see his lack in weapon training, he’d mainly dodge their lunges and miss most of his shots) 
Despite being friends with Otis, they’d never get together in Opposing Force (in front of the player), however Otis would mention a “red janitor” and how he’s going to “bring him to a party if he survives”, meaning he might’ve planned to wait and get Otis to his house to celebrate their escape from the war and potentially the nuke, Otis mentioning Red Gordon was removed in 2007, same with his appearances 

His appearances in Half-Life 2

He’d be seen in the background after escaping City-17, his first appearance shows him cooking a headcrab near a terribly manufactured tent, there’s also a cross which might signify that his dog died, after being seen by the player he runs away after getting shot at by 2 metrocops wielding the MP7, he didn’t even get to eat the headcrab 
The second time he could be seen with a Shotgun, killing Combine Overwatch units before running in a building, after this his fate is unknown, however during Gordon’s entrance into the Citadel you could potentially hear a rebel say “Wait… Gordon just jumped… wait you’re not Gordon Freeman!” showing that Red Gordon potentially saw you during his appearances and came to help a little too late, all of these got removed in 2009 


After his removal, if you had a version of Half-Life or Half-Life 2 that originally had him he won’t spawn 
If you spawn him in Half-Life (before his removal) with “spawn monster_RedGord” his face would be slightly distorted with a broken jaw and black teeth, showing that his appearances may have edited his face a little 
In Half-Life 2 he could’ve died to one of the shots in his first appearances, this would create a rebel “AGH!” grunt, this would cause a paradox as he’d technically come back to life later on 
Also in Half-Life 2, if you used noclip you could grab his shotgun, if you got the gravity gun somehow in his first appearance you could fling or grab his tent 
If you shot the grave in Half-Life 2 it’d break like it was made of stone 

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Half-Life 2 – Red Gordon Freeman (removed HL character), if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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