GRITS Racing – Basic Play Instructions

GRITS Racing – Basic Play Instructions 1 -
GRITS Racing – Basic Play Instructions 1 -
Basic gameplay instructions from the developer. This is a copy of the information found in the game menus.


Controller Default Mapping

GRITS Racing - Basic Play Instructions - Controller Default Mapping 

The Basics

GRITS Racing is meant to be a two-button game (High Gear and Reverse) for new players. (Plus joystick or d-pad for steering, of course.) 

Primary buttons: High Gear Reverse
Secondary buttons: Low Gear Eject Wheels
Optional buttons: Brake Hand Brake Honk

Low Gear can be extremely difficult to control — especially if your car is missing a wheel or two. Save Low Gear for later. 
Both Reverse and Brake will slow the forward speed. Brake is mostly helpful in coming to a complete stop in the pits when needing service. 
When the driver is on foot (at the start of a race, or after losing all wheels), press Low Gear or High Gear to run. Drivers always wear Tesla Shields™ to protect them from vehicles when on foot. 
Drivers, please avoid the pedestrians… for your car’s safety! 

Racing Rules

In both Championship and Endurance Racing, your “Billy Bub” jalopy will likely lose wheels during the race. (This is due to pancake batter… but that is another story.) To replace the missing wheels, come to a near-stop anywhere in the pit area. [TODO: Stop closer to your trucks for faster pit service.] 
If your missing wheels makes driving too frustrating, you can use the Eject Wheels button to eject your remaining wheels. This then places your driver on foot. Run to your trucks to get one of your replacement Billy Bubs. The standard race mode includes 4 Billy Bubs per race. 
Crossing the finish line on foot still counts as a lap. 
If all drivers destroy all their Billy Bubs, the race will be called when the next driver crosses the finish line. 
Between tracks during a Championship (and on occasion during Endurance) a player will be asked to change up the rules of racing by selecting options from a list of either Wacky Wodifiers or Leader Lamifiers. 

Prison Dodgecar Rules

On a very hot and sticky afternoon in Georgia, an engineer became a bit delirious (and, perhaps, a bit overly-creative) and hotrodded the Tesla Shields™ for use on the Billy Bub jalopies instead of on the drivers. Thus, in Prison Dodgecar, the Billy Bubs are indestructible… and also bump each other around with super force. 
As a result, in this minigame, your Billy Bub is both the player and the dodgeball. Although, in actuality, the game plays more like billiards and bumper cars. 
Basically, do whatever it takes to stay out of the other team’s prison area while trying to hit the other team into your prison area. 
Once in the other team’s prison, your Tesla Shield™ will keep you there. If, however, you can hit a Billy Bub from the other team that somehow wandered (or was smacked) into their own prison, your shield will be disabled for a few seconds and let you escape prison. 

Hockey Rules

GRITS Hockey (or, SansstĂ­kdisco, in some countries) came about with the invention of the Tesla Magnet™ — which is an electromagnet with the peculiar property of holding items in suspension at a specific gap (and other properties us common folk have yet to understand). 
Previous to the Tesla Magnet™, GRITS Hockey was a much more dangerous sport involving many impalements by the steel bars drivers would weld to their Billy Bubs for use as hockey sticks. 
To lasso a puck, just drive close to it (3m center to center). 
To let it go, hit something. This will disable the magnet for a few seconds. Using the Brake button will also disable the magnet. 
A puck will stay tethered even if it snags something. It will also stay tethered even when another Billy Bub lassos and tethers it, stretching between all tethers. 
Wheels lost from Billy Bubs can be lassoed and scored just like the game puck. Up to 4 pucks can be tethered to a single Billy Bub. 

Written by puddle

This is all about GRITS Racing – Basic Play Instructions; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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