People Playground – basic launching methods

People Playground – basic launching methods 1 -
People Playground – basic launching methods 1 -

this guide is made to help you start launching sh*t





People Playground - basic launching methods

This is babies first launching method you power a thruster then put something in front and watch it fly.

not the most concistent
also launches stuff infront of it so it would need a long barrel
can fry electronics in the way
pulls contraption that its placed on back unless heavy enough frozen, etc.
explodes explosive (cant make mortars with these)



People Playground - basic launching methods
This is probably your second idea for launching something and is better then thrusters (in my opinion)
just strap a generator to the piston (normal or industrial

very consistent
has less recoil (effect on machines movement
is a lot more versitile then thrusters
can launch explosives

more space consumed
can break building (like make it freak out )
there might be a few more i cant think of

Explosives (the fun part)

People Playground - basic launching methods - Explosives (the fun part)

put a dynamite down in a barrel (a rectangle with one open end made from almost anything) And then put a wad in (i use a bulletproof sheet resized to the dynamites width) then add what you want launchd

powerfull af
stronger then pistons and thrusters

single use (then you need more dynamite)
can dissconnect breakable restrictions

Activity make a mortar

If you seeing this thanks for looking at the activity for the activity you will need explomod

So for this activity we will make a mortar (or artillary) i will provide my mortar for a reference image and tell you what to do.

People Playground - basic launching methods
1. make the barrel to make the barrel use two (or four for longer) metal pole and make the gap inbetween them the width of a dynamite and close off one end

People Playground - basic launching methods
2. make the shell resize a bullet proof sheet to be the width (or a bit smaller) of a dynamite
then when done with that get a artillery piece (tank shell artillery shell and mortar shell)
then use the steel binding tool to weld the dynamite sheet and artillery piece together and if you want you can widen the barrel a bit

3. put shell in barrel and activate dynamite

Written by kewmanshorty

This is all about People Playground – basic launching methods; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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