Grand Theft Auto V – How to Complete Criminal Mastermind Challenge

Grand Theft Auto V – How to Complete Criminal Mastermind Challenge 1 -
Grand Theft Auto V – How to Complete Criminal Mastermind Challenge 1 -

This guide will give you some tips and tricks to help complete the Criminal Mastermind Challenge in classic GTA Online Heists.


  • First, you should know that “Criminal Mastermind”, “All in Order” and “Loyalty” are all in game awards that can only be completed ONCE each account. This means that once you have earned these awards and received your reward, not you will be able to complete them again – even with your new GTA Online account.
  • You must complete all five Heists on Hard difficulty with the same team of players, and without losing any lives.
  • You will not reset your progress towards these three awards if the mission fails (without anyone dying) and if someone leaves during the job.
  • Tip: This trick can be used if someone is about to go to their death on the job. Simply make someone quit the job or destroy the vehicle. Or alarm someone to fail the mission.
  • Your statistics for the Criminal Mastermind Challenge will not be affected by restarting the job at a checkpoint .



  • The “Criminal Mastermind Challenge” will award you $10.000.000 GTA$, while you will also receive $1.000.000 for the 2 other awards “All in Order” or “Loyalty”.
  • $12.000.000 is the total reward you will receive at the end.



  • To complete this challenge, it is recommended that you are at least rank 135 This rank allows you to carry 10 armors and the most snacks.
  • Keep your inventory open while you are in a vehicle so you can use heavy armors or snacks as needed.
  • Purchase a Heavy-Use Vest and Bulletproof Helmet at any clothing store and keep them in your “Saved Outfits”. Before starting any Setup mission, or Heist finale, the host must choose the Heist Clothing to be “Player Saved Outfits”, so that all team members have access to their heavy utility vests. This outfit will provide you with more protection, but it will slow down your speed. Tip – Jump while moving to make your run slightly faster.
  • You should ensure that at least one member of your team has a Armored Kuruma and an Insurgent. It is recommended that all members of your team use the same vehicle for every mission.


Additional Tips

  • Avoid vehicles about to explode.
  • To reduce the chance of your accidental death, don’t use RPG and other explosives.
  • To reduce the chance of being killed by enemies, always cover yourself.


The Fleeca Job

  • If your team wants to earn the Criminal Mastermind Award, you can break up into two groups to complete the first three missions and then join together for the second mission. For example, Player 1 and Player 2 complete Fleeca Jobs and Player 3 and Player 4 complete Fleeca jobs. The Prison Break heist is then initiated by all four players.
  • This heist can be done easily. Just wear the Heavy Utility Vest from “Player Select Outfits” and follow the mission objectives.


The Prison Break Heist

  • The Prisoner can stop at Ammu-Nation to buy a gun or ammo before getting on the bus. Or, the other player “Prison Officer”, can drop weapons or ammo to the Prisoner and let him collect them.
  • Always be careful when using armors and snacks from your stock.
  • Both the Pilot and the Demolition tasks can be accomplished quickly. To avoid being shot, the Pilot must stay behind the Lazer and be attentive to its instructions. The demolition will only need to provide air support to the Prisoner/Prison Officer when they leave the prison, and to destroy as many enemies possible.
  • The Pilot must then land on the runway and Rashkowsky and his ground team can get in the plane. Follow other objectives and lose the cops.
  • NOTE: The Demolition team must be careful not to land on the designated spot. Let the rest of the team parachut onto the beach first, as they could get hit by the chopper.


The Humane Labs Raid


Series A Funding

  • The Heavy Utility Vests will be used for the first setup of “Series A-Coke”. The chopper team should take to the helicopter and kill as many enemies around the yacht as possible. Instead, the Boat Team should go inside the ship to collect the coke. The cops should then be thrown out.
  • The second setup, “Series A-Trash Truck”, requires you to be careful. You can’t use the Heavy Utility Vests. To make the collectors less vulnerable to enemies, park the trashmaster close to the trash bags. Keep the enemy cars away from you, and keep your inventory open in case you need armors or snacks.
  • The Heavy Utility Vests are required for the third setup, “Series A-Bikers”. All enemies can be easily killed by a suppressed weapon. Then, split your team into two groups. Take the vans. Keep the inventory open for any eventualities. The passenger can use weapons to defeat the enemies, while the driver must avoid them.
  • The fourth setup, “Series A-Weed”, requires heavy utility vests and an Armored Kuruma. You can kill everyone inside your car. Collect the vans, and the technical. The Technical guys should defend the vans against any incoming enemies using the minigun.
  • The fifth setup, “Series A-Meth”, requires you to wear heavy utility vests and an Armored Kuruma. You can then kill everyone inside your car. Follow the waypoint once you have collected the tanker.

    Now, the Heist Finale

    As usual, set “Player Saved Outfits”, to select the Heavy Utility Vest. Then go to Trevor’s. Kill all enemies inside the warehouse and then use the RPG to attack the incoming vehicles. Take the vans and the technical, and keep your inventory open for any eventualities. If you have the Heavy Utility Vest and your armors, this mission is easy.


The Pacific Standard

  • Follow these instructions to set up the “Pacific Standard – Vans” first setup.
  • Use the Heavy Utility Vests for the second setup, “Pacific Standard-Signal”, and keep your inventory open. Your armored kuruma should be left at the beach when you reach it. Take down the enemies and the police helicopter and then get to the island. Take Avi to the beach in the parked kuruma, and you will lose the cops.
  • The third setup is “Pacific Standard- Hack”. As always, use the Heavy Utility Vests. Kill everyone who stands in your way, and then take the white van. While they are taking care of the new enemies, the Decoys team in the black van should keep their inventory open.
  • The fourth setup, “Pacific Standard – Convoy”, will require the heavy utility vests. Use the heavy sniper to eliminate the Savage helicopter as soon as it appears. Detonate the sticky bombs as soon as the convoy gets close enough to kill any remaining enemies. One teammate should take the Barracks and the other three should pick up the Insurgent pick. Three men should guard the Barracks together with the Insurgent. As always, keep your inventory open in case of an emergency.
  • To take out all enemies, use the heavy utility vests with an armored Kuruma for the fifth setup. Then, take the Lectro bikes and keep your inventory open. Avoid straying enemies from walking on the sidewalks.

    Now, the Heist Finale

    The Heist Clothing should be selected as Player Saved Outfits. Every player should use Heavy Utility Vests. You can go to the bank, but you must not kill hostages.


    They will make it more difficult to escape. Crowd Control should have one member ready to kill the guards from upstairs. If the team is determined to get the maximum amount of money from this heist, they will only allow one person to take it all – the Hacker or the Demolition. The member of the team with the money must stay behind and let his friends clear out the streets before moving on. Kill everyone in the alleyway, and then get to the bikes.

    Here are some tips and tricks. You do not need to use the Lectro Bikes.


  • Steal the Police Cruiser, which is parked in front the nearest Ammu Nation. Although this is not the best method, it can be completed.
  • Another similar example is to ride the bikes, then find a Police Riot at a roadblock and take it. This van is bulletproof and will allow you to safely pass other roadblocks.
  • Follow the GPS route and avoid the streets. You will reach the Dinghy at the Raton Canyon by following the GPS route.
  • To avoid being hit by police, the person who collected the money should duck inside the car (HOLDX BY DEFAULT).

    Then, get in the dinghy to go out to sea.



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