Grand Theft Auto V – How to Unlock the Award “Pro Car Exporter” and How to Find All Ten Exotic Exports Vehicles

Grand Theft Auto V – How to Unlock the Award “Pro Car Exporter” and How to Find All Ten Exotic Exports Vehicles 1 -
Grand Theft Auto V – How to Unlock the Award “Pro Car Exporter” and How to Find All Ten Exotic Exports Vehicles 1 -

On July 20th, Rockstar introduced five new Auto Shop properties with the Los Santos Tuners update.
In these properties after you complete your first contract, Sessanta tells you about an individual that strips down cars and sells them. This is the introduction to the Exotic Exports List found in your Auto Shop.

When you visit your Auto Shop, you will find a board like this:

Grand Theft Auto V - How to Unlock the Award
Under normal conditions every day at 12 AM Pacific Daylight Time, the Exports board will change if yours has not changed; then, I recommend reloading your session until it does.
There are 100 set spawns for the vehicles and 50 of the spawns have a chance of producing a vehicle from a select list while the other 50 spawns have a chance of producing any vehicle not on the list, but on your Exotics board in your Auto Shop.

Vehicle spawning and how to find them:

The best way to search for these vehicles will be in an invite only session by yourself as a CEO.
Your best method to find one Exotic Exports vehicle is to fly in a path that covers all 100 spawns until you find a blue dot on radar/map.
Grand Theft Auto V - How to Unlock the Award
If you do not see any vehicle, make sure you have the “Air Freight” option under Other in the Hide Options section of your interaction menu set to “Show” and make sure you are not in Passive Mode.
At this point, a blue dot should appear somewhere on the map; if not then reload your invite only session and repeat keeping the settings above the same until you find the first Exotic Exports vehicle.
You will also notice that you can simply enter the vehicle without breaking into it.
If you end up delivering one of these vehicles, you will have to manually check the spawns to find the car that the board actually wanted.
– In some situations, you may find a vehicle that is wanted by your board either as a normal vehicle driven by an NPC or parked near one of the spawns that could possibly have an export vehicle. Do not deliver these vehicles. They do not progress the sequence and your Exports list will never be completed…
Do not do Nightclub Management Missions nor ressuply missions (Bunker)! A blue dot may appear, but it will be gone for good and your Exports list will never be completed…
Finding a new session will also affect the vehicle spawns, as the car you may find will actually be someone else’s car (if you end up in a public session by accident). The Exports list will never be completed…
Sleeping Guards and Drug Deals do not affect the vehicle spawns and you will earn extra money or a small key. (Once the key is found, you go back to the Heist and head to El Rubio’s office in the main building.)

Exotic Exports vehicle list:

There are 100 possible vehicles, each with specific customization options applied:
Albany Alpha: On the second level of the multi-level parking Building 2, north of the main terminal.
Albany Buccaneer Custom: On the first level of the multi-level parking Building 1, north of the main terminal.
Albany Calvacade: At the north-east corner of the long-stay parking lot, under a Die Already 4 billboard.
Albany V-STR: Parked on the roadside of South Shambles Street.
Annis Elegy Retro Custom: Parked in the parking lot of 472 Orchardville Avenue.
Annis S80RR: South of the tennis courts.
Annis Savestra: Parked in a driveway on the corner of Prosperity Street and Imagination Court.
Benefactor Dubsta2: In the Venetian parking lot.
Benefactor Krieger: At the north end of the parking lot on the Del Perro Pier.
Benefactor Schwartzer: In the south parking lot of Maze Bank Arena.
Benefactor Surano: In the Vista Del Mar Apartments rear parking lot facing the marina.
Bravado Banshee 900R: In The Viceroy Hotels & Resorts parking lot.
Bravado Buffalo S: In the Puerto Del Sol Marina parking lot on Tackle Street.
Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire: In the S. Ho Korean Noodle House parking lot.
Bravado Verlierer: In a driveway on the south side of Grove Street.
Canis Kamacho: In the Davis Mega Mall parking lot.
Cheval Taipan: Lucky Plucker carpark, Strawberry Avenue.
Coil Brawler: Alta Street outside Tinkle Building, 4 Integrity Way.
Coil Raiden: 1104 Ace Jones Drive/Mad Wayne Thunder Drive, opposite Peter Dreyfuss’s house.
Declasse Drift Tampa: Marathon Avenue outside Bahama Mamas.
Declasse Drift Yosemite: In the southern parking lot of The Diamond Casino & Resort.
Declasse Mamba: Cox Way near Milton Road.
Declasse Sabre Turbo Custom: North of Murrieta Oil Field.
Declasse Tornado Custom: Elgin Avenue north of Hawick Avenue outside the Tennis club.
Declasse Tulip: Los Santos Golf Club parking lot.
Declasse Vamos: LTD Service station, Grapeseed Main Street.
Dewbauchee Exemplar: Humane Labs and Research parking lot.
Dewbauchee Massacro: Ineseno Road, south of Chumash
Dewbauchee Seven-70: Northern driveway of La Fuente Blanca.
Dewbauchee Specter: Meringue Lane, outside Liquor Ace.
Dinka Blista Kanjo: Occupation Avenue in the parking lot opposite LS City Hall.
Enus Huntley S: In the parking lot of the Hill Valley Church cemetery.
Enus Paragon R: Paleto Bay Sheriff’s Office parking lot.
Enus Stafford: Rockford Plaza underground parking.
Enus Super Diamond: Eastern Motel parking, Route 68
Enus Windsor: Route 68 store, in front of Los Santos Customs.
Gallivanter Baller LE LWB: Route 68 shops.
Grotti Bestia GTS: Cent Carpet parking lot, Roy Lowenstein Boulevard opposite LSPD Auto Impound.
Grotti Brioso R/A: Betsy O’Neil Pavilion, San Andreas Avenue
Grotti Carbonizzare: Tataviam Truckstop.
Grotti Cheetah Classic: South side of Legion Square on Vespucci Boulevard.
Grotti Furia: Vinewood Racetrack parking lot.
Grotti Itali GTO: Lake Vinewood Estates.
Grotti Stinger GT: Parking lot under the FIB Building.
Grotti Turismo R: San Andreas Avenue in front of the parking building entry.
Grotti Visione: Pacific Bluffs Country Club.
Hijak Ruston: NOOSE Headquarters.
Imponte Nightshade: Boulevard Del Perro/North Rockford Drive s*rip mall car park.
Imponte Phoenix: Rebel Radio Building.
Imponte Ruiner: El Burro Heights Fire Station.
Invetero Coquette BlackFin: Kortz Center parking lot, north.
Invetero Coquette: Palmer-Taylor Power Station, south car park.
Karin 190z: Auto Repair shop next to Chico’s Hypermarket.
Karin Kuruma: Dashound Bus Center carpark.
Karin Sultan Classic: Driveway on Jamestown Street at the corner of Carson Avenue.
Lampadati Komoda: Vinewood Bowl carpark.
Lampadati Novak: BJ Smith Recreational Center.
Lampadati Tigon: The Richman Hotel carpark.
Lampadati Tropos Rallye: Sanders Motorcycles, Adam’s Apple Boulevard.
Lampadati Viseris: Palmer-Taylor Power Station, north car park.
Maxwell Asbo: Vinewood Boulevard near Blazing Tattoo.
Maxwell Vagrant: Alamo Fruit Market.
Obey Rocoto: Sandy’s Gas Station
Ocelot F620: Liquor Store next to Trevor’s Trailer, Marina Drive.
Ocelot Jackal: Bolingbroke Penitentiary parking lot.
Ocelot Jugular: Marlowe Vineyards parking lot.
Ocelot Locust: Lucky Plucker carpark.
Ocelot Penetrator: Procopio Truck Stop, Globe Oil gas station forecourt.
Ocelot Swinger: 24hr parking behind 3 Alta Street, Vespucci Boulevard.
Ocelot XA-21: Beeker’s Garage, gas station forecourt.
Overflod Autarch: Foreclosed Farm, Senora Road opposite Redwood Lights Track.
Overflod Entity XF: Eclipse Boulevard outside the unnamed Chinese restaurant opposite Hardcore Comic Store.
Overflod Tyrant: Las Lagunas Boulevard outside Arcadius Business Center.
Pegassi Infernus Classic: Hookies car park.
Pegassi Infernus: Kimble Hill Drive.
Pegassi Monroe: Pala Springs Aerial Tramway car park.
Pegassi Reaper: Lifeinvader Office northern parking, Boulevard Del Perro.
Pegassi Tempesta: LTD Gasoline station, North Rockford Drive/Banham Canyon Drive.
Pegassi Torero: Legion Square, north side, San Andreas Avenue.
Pfister 811: Rockford Hills Von Crastenburg Hotel parking building, top level.
Pfister Comet SR: South Seas Apartments, Procopio Drive.
Pfister Comet: Driveway, North Rockford Drive.
Pfister Neon: Driveway, Barbareno Road.
Principe Deveste Eight: Vinewood Plaza parking lot.
Progen Emerus: Richards Majestic Productions parking lot.
Progen T20: Kortz Center parking lot, south.
RUNE Cheburek: The Boat House.
Truffade Adder: El Rancho Boulevard, roadside outside Rob’s Liquor.
Truffade Nero: Nikola Place driveway.
Truffade Z-Type: RON gas station.
Ubermacht SC1: Tequi-la-la parking lot, Milton Road.
Ubermacht Sentinel Classic: Von Crastenburg Hotel.
Vapid Bullet: Sisyphus Theater.
Vapid Chino Custom: Yellow Jack Inn.
Vapid Dominator GTX: Parsons Rehabilitation Center, Marlowe Drive.
Vapid Flash GT: HJ Silos Galileo Park.
Vapid Peyote Custom: 24hr Parking opposite the Globe Oil gas station, Clinton Avenue.
Vapid Retinue: Von Crastenburg Hotel, Clinton Avenue.
Vysser Neo: Mad Wayne Thunder Drive.
Weeny Issi Classic: Fudge Lane west section.

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