Glass Heart – Nathan’s Good Ending

Glass Heart – Nathan’s Good Ending 1 -
Glass Heart – Nathan’s Good Ending 1 -

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Nathan’s Good Ending

These are the following choices that must be made to obtain Nathan’s good ending. You don’t have to choose all of them, but it is recommended that you do as much as possible to maximize the chance of the good ending. You will hear a chime if you select the correct answer and nothing if you select the incorrect answer!

Chapter 1

“I realize that it may seem overwhelming; however, I assure you it isn’t as bad as it looks. I will direct you on where to sign”

Read the Contract

“Are you okay, Miss Lovingston?”

I’m excited!

Chapter 2

“I’m glad you like it. As you can see, your luggage has already arrived. I also had some summer dresses brought here as well”

You didn’t have to do that.

“I merely speak the truth”

You love filming

“What a memorable scene”

You look so happy

Chapter 3

I find myself missing his touch almost instantly

Thank you

“Don’t play coy, dear…I’m talking about Nathan!”

He wouldn’t want me.

Chapter 4

“Are you okay? You seem down? Are you feeling ill?”


“Would you be interested?”

I don’t typically…

Chapter 5

“Will you be okay by yourself for a moment?”

I’ll be fine

“Do not take his affections as anything more than a passing fancy. He’s a cruel businessman and from a completely different world from you”

Nathan is not like that!

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