Glass Heart – Will’s Good Ending

Glass Heart – Will’s Good Ending 1 -
Glass Heart – Will’s Good Ending 1 -

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A 20% chance is all you have to survive the surgery. Will love give you the strength to continue this life, or will you be singing with the angels? The choice is yours in Glass Heart.

Will’s Good Ending

These are the following choices that must be made to obtain Will’s good ending. You don’t have to choose all of them, but it is recommended that you do as much as possible to maximize the chance of the good ending. You will hear a chime if you select the correct answer and nothing if you select the incorrect answer!

Chapter 1

“So, why are they letting you leave? Your health must really be improving if you’re able to be discharged.”


“Oh…my bad, I didn’t realize you two were dating.”


Chapter 2

“Yeah, I’m just really happy that you’re here. I never thought this day would come.”

I’m happy too

“Are you going to tell him?”

I want to

Chapter 3

“Then, how did you two meet? If you were always in the hospital?”

Tell them

“Willy is just anti-social at times. I’m officially inviting you. What do you say? Want to have the night of your life?”

I don’t know…

Chapter 4

“You really are beautiful. Why don’t you and I have some fun together? I can show you how big boys play.”

Let go of me

In a fuzzy haze, the only thing on my mind is wanting his touch

Attempt to kiss

Chapter 5

“The irregularities started suddenly last night. It’s not normal. What happened?”

Look at Will

“After your surgery. There’s somewhere that I want to go. Will you go with me?

Yes, I will

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