Ghost of a Tale – The Scholar Achievement Guide / Walkthrough

Ghost of a Tale – The Scholar Achievement Guide / Walkthrough 1 -
Ghost of a Tale – The Scholar Achievement Guide / Walkthrough 1 -

This is a guide I made to find all the Lore Entries in the game, in chronological order.


This is my first guide, made in chronological order of how I obtained them during a 2nd playthrough. This is not a complete walkthrough of the game. It does not include every quest, and skips many parts of the game that are not required for Lore entries. If this is your first playthrough, you may read along with this so you don’t miss anything, but it will not hold your hand through the entire game, it will only tell you the specific times to say specific things in order to get the entries.
There are many people reporting as well that you have to click on “Read Footnote” when they appear during your playthrough in order for them to count towards the achievement, even if the entries show up in your Lore tab, but this is unconfirmed, I would recommend doing it anyways.
Just FYI, during my first playthrough I had over 50 entries and the achievement didn’t happen for me, but it did on my 2nd go, after the 46th one, it may have been an update that fixed it, not sure.
Forgive the crudeness of this guide.

Lore checklist

All lore entires appear in their respective section in the order you collected them. This is what my Lore entires looked like after this guide was complete:
Ghost of a Tale - The Scholar Achievement Guide / Walkthrough - Lore checklist - 9056D98


You can get 9 from him in the beginning if you play it right.
These 4 are unmissable when you start talking to him and ask him for help:
1. Ferret’s Balls
2. Captain Otto Powderkeg
3. Scrunt
4. Rotgut
5. Lake Vaelia – He starts the conversation like this after getting Rotgut (may have to save before).
Depending on which questions you ask next, he may only allow you ask 2, or he may give you 2 more questions, only 2 give footnotes however:
6. Dwindling Heights Keep – “What dungeon is this?”
7. Kolba – “I’m looking for someone–Merra, my wife.” – footnote “silly hats”
After asking these 2, he allows another 2 questions, make sure you pick:
“How long have I been here?” and “Tell me, was it you that helped me escape my cell?”
He will then say “… that’s your lot.” Then the next footnote:
8. Florins – “That’s all? You’ve told me almost nothing!” followed by “Don’t you think you owe me at least something?” and “With what? You’ve only got the one good leg free.” Make sure to read the next footnote before continuing the conversation.
9. Prisoner’s Purse – During the florins footnote, ask “Why… would there be florins in your chamber pot?” and read the footnote for “Why?”

Guard Outfit

It is recommended to get the guard outfit ASAP to be able to walk around anywhere:
Face Guard: Windowsill in Guard Tower in Courtyard (also a checkpoint pass in the drawer).
Chest Plate: Hanging in Barracks (Side room)
Faulds: Behind Blacksmith
Helmet: Create a Song for Gusto and Fatale “I’m looking for a guard’s helmet”
Greaves: In the Armoury, you’ll need to get the Armoury Key from the Guard that goes up and down the winding staircase. Go to the Far Tower, then cross the other bridge, and steal the key when the guard is at the bottom of the staircase.
Once you have the full outfit, start stealing from every guard possible. Steal the papers from the ramparts guard (he’s the one patrolling before the bridge to the Far Tower)

Gusto & Fatale

10. Dwindling Heights: The Guards – Ask “Why can’t you fetch them yourselves?” after giving them a stolen handkerchief.
When asked to upgrade a skill, highly recommend Red Mist picked first.
—–After getting 3 checkpoint passes (from sleeping guard in jail cell, near large main gate you cant use, and one in drawer of guard tower in courtyard)


11. Muridean – “It was you that left me the key?” then, “The message was written in Muridean, Why?” and then, “What do you mean?”
12. Red Paw – When he asks you to sing a song, sing “the Ballad of the Coward King”. All other songs give no footnotes.
13. Lutka – Silas will give you a Lutka right afterwards.
14. Magpies and Knowledge – Silas will say “Someone you care for?” regardless of what options you choose, you must <REMAIN SILENT>.
15. Baron Osdrik – “Sedition? But I’ve done nothing wrong…” then “The Baron swore that I would never see her again.”
16. Yuva Citadel – Allow him to help you find Merra, footnotes for “The Nail” and “Yuva” both work.
17. Skappbeetle – End of the conversation, unmissable.
18. Rundlet – When asking about the pulley and basket, say “Should?”
19. Dwindling Heights: The Decline – Go to sleep and come back, when talking about the tunnels, footnote for “collapsed”. You can also take the spyglass, logbook, figurines, and books, map, clothes peg if you want.
20. Ringtail – When Silas mentions Faustus for the first time, say “Faustus. He’s one of the guards?”, then “A prisoner?”.

Gusto & Fatale #2 (night)

21. The Fire Ports – “There’s still no news of my wife, Merra…” then “H-how did you know…?”
22. Ouma – If you don’t have this from the previous one, ask Fatale why she isn’t sleeping.
Grab the Well Key from the Kitchen
Discover body in well
Talk to Commissioner, then upgrade your armour from the Blacksmith

Gusto & Fatale #3 (day)

23. Tulong – When giving the spyglass to them.
24. The City of Pesa – Mentioned next, after saying they need sackcloth hoods.


After a couple quests, getting the sewer key, and finding Faustus
25. The Wallowing – Unmissable when you start talking to him, all dialogue options before “leaky still” mini quest have no footnotes.
26. University of Keem – “Sir, I need your help, to make an antidote for spider’s venom.” then “If it’s beyond your abilities, I understand…”
27. Death’s Tongue Mushroom – “What else can I do for you, sir?” then “Death’s Tongue mushroom?”
28. The Ferrets of Saltar – “What is it?” after getting the hat for the 7 death mushrooms quest.
Make sure to accept the mushroom quests from him as well, as a footnote will require this later. After getting the antidote, the upgraded armour, and talking to Silas again, head to the Elevator to the Catacombs/Shore at the West Gate. Get off on first level, Catacombs.

Sqaud Leader

29. Gallworms – You will talk to him automatically (doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, he can’t see) and the footnote is unmissable at the end of the conversation.


Sing him “The Guilded Warrior” to start.
30. City of Dhall– This will happen no matter which option you choose.
31. Jahrlan – Keep restarting conversation with Duinlan and it will eventually give you this one.
Go back to Silas, give him the treasure and then go up to further to the top of the tower to speak to Duinlan again.
32. The Great Clarions – No matter what options you pick here, this will come up.
33. The Green Flame – Make sure you pick “Tell me, what was the purpose of ‘The Great Clarion’?” at the end of this conversation to get this one now. It pops up other times however if it’s missed.
34. The Badgers of Baladon – At Far Tower, after learning the name “Hythe” on one of the stones, speak to Duinlan here at the top of the stairs. Make sure to pick the option “Hythe… who was he?” when it comes up, and then “The clarions–they were built by creatures?”.
35. Brisance – Talking to Duinlan at the top of the armoury stairs will give this option, you can’s miss this one.
To get the Brisance, you need to go into the Armoury (remember the guard on the stairs has the key on him in case you didn’t get it before), and read the note next to the locked door inside, and talk to Rolo, ask him for the key to the “brisance store”. You might as well ask him for a Crown for the King’s Suit as well, you’ll need to make a king’s outfit eventually.
Once you have the Brisance, blow up the entry and grab the key, and return to Silas, then Gusto, then the Gambler in the Commissary upstairs, win back the Stolen Ring, then again return to Silas..

Rolo at Shore (night)

36. Obol – “Who was that? Why were they following me?”
37. Dying Lights – “<REMAIN SILENT>” five times,

Tam and Farrow

38. Great Birham – “Farrow… do you know why Merra and I were called before the Baron?”
39. The Council of Asper – “Why do you support the Rebels?”
40. King Rodrik – Instead of “The Poisoned Cup” Sing “The Ballad of the Coward King”
41. Wardens of the Green Flame – Instead of “The Poisoned Cup” Sing “The Guilded Warrior”

Collecting Items

Now would be a good time to search for the quest mushrooms, 7 gold nuggets, 3 bush berries, sackcloth hoods (you can find all these in the jail in various spots), the thief’s whistle (in the sundercrab’s pen next to harbour), and Pirate and King Outfits. You can find all the mushrooms you need for both quests and the bush berries in the Far Tower and Shore, both at night, just look around and use the Red Mist ability, equip a stick to look for traps as well.
(In order to get to the Harbour, you’ll have to go the long way through the path you opened with the Brisance, the Elevator Gate Key is on the table in the office there).
You should now have access to everywhere.
Several places to look for Gold Nuggets (you only need 7):
-Bottom of armoury staircase.
-With the sundercrab at harbour (there are multiple ones here).
-Just outside the rubble you opened with the Brisance.
-Further along, just to the left before the shore cave entrance.
-Shore, when you enter, just before the first sharp left turn on the path from the cave.
-Keep following the path, past two torch lights where the path drops suddenly. Just to the left after 2nd drop.
-There are 2 in the barrel in the stone enclosure on the shore (as well as the pirates belt).
-Path directly behind the stone enclosure between the stone wall and the mountain.
-There’s a bunch more along the beaches, in the Far Tower area, etc.
King and Pirate Outfit (in order):
King Crown – Give 7 nuggets to Rolo the Blacksmith and wait 6 hours.
King Pantaloons – in the Commander’s bedroom, also get the hairbrush from this room.
Pirate Boots – Harbour Master’s office, next to a bed.
Pirate Belt – In the enclosed stone ruins area with the bed in it in the Shore area.
Pirate Baldric – In the Jail’s Rec Room (room before the Screaming Door, key is in desk drawer).
Pirate Hat – Jail cell next to Kerold (you’ll need a light to see it).
Pirate Eyepatch – Also in jail cell next to Kerold.
King Beard – Give 3 Holly Bush Berries and the Hairbrush to Kerold.
King Stockings – in the Catacombs on skeletal remains (straight ahead, before turning).
King Tunic – Given by Silas after he sobers up.

Silas (after sobering up)

42. The Singing Stone – read the note from Silas, then choose “What now? Would you reclaim your throne?”.
43. Magpies and Mice – This is unmissable if you keep talking to Silas.

Faustus (return with the mushrooms for both quests)

44. Porreidan Desert – say “My ears–they’re huge!” after you’ve eaten the “cake” he gives you.

Gusto and Fatale (again)

45. Sundercrab – after handing in 3 sackcloth hoods, they mention the whistle is at the sundercrab.
46. Vaelian Frogs – unmissable after you hand in the thief’s whistle, before taking the next quest.
The achievement should pop up for you here, since this is the 46th (one in this guide).
You do not need to do any more Gusto and Fatale quests for Lore entries now.


47. Myghlar – unmissable, he introduces himself with this footnote.
48. Codex Feathers – Say “Give me the answers I seek, and I will help you in return.”
49. The Battle of Lye Sands – Mentioned right after you turn the light on, unmissable.
50. Malpetus the Physician – “It was recovered after the battle, and stitched back on.”
51. Master Lewlin – “M-my name is Tilo, Miss…”
52. Periclave – Unmissable, after moving the banner below and talking again.
53. Periclave in Legend – “It must be a dangerous place, if the stories are true.”


According to other guides, there might be 2 entires that I’m missing:
“Sallet” and “The Cloak of Periclave”
“Sallet” is probably found when looking for the guard armour, but I didn’t see it.
“The Cloak of Periclave” is suppose to be found when talking to Kerold with the full Pirate outfit during the “The Way to Periclave” quest, but I tried every single dialogue option and did not see it.
Hope this guide helps someone out!!
Feel free to let me know any mistakes or even grammar/spelling mishaps that need to be corrected!

Written by Sin

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Ghost of a Tale – The Scholar Achievement Guide / Walkthrough; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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