Garden Galaxy – Useful Tips and Guide in-game

Garden Galaxy – Useful Tips and Guide in-game 1 -
Garden Galaxy – Useful Tips and Guide in-game 1 -

This short guide will give you some tips.

A small text guide that may contain some useful tips.

Visitors can give copper coins a plate at which they will throw them. However, the range is very limited, and visitors will only throw their coin if it is too far from the plate.

But not onto a chest or a maximum height thing. If nothing close fits, they’ll throw the item very far to the nearest free space.

You can place other things on the plate to stop it from working. They’ll throw one coin at the others if they have multiple.

Different coins have different values. A piggy bank will hold a gold coin with a higher value than a copper one.

You can unlock an alter by using gold coins. Storage units can be placed on this alter if they are empty.

Piggy banks can be stored as long as there are no coins inside.

You can change the size of items in the black kettle by taking them out of storage.

Completing a set allows it to award a book. These don’t seem to have any effect but there is one for each set.

Multiple items can be moved simultaneously by pressing the mouse button in your chest. If you break restrictions, these 10 can be placed in the world. For example, if you place 10 grass foundations on a already 5 high one, it will put the rest of the one that cannot go back into the chest.

This is also a way to move coins. Coins can be stored in chests. They can hold 6 stacks and have a limit on how many stacks they can hold.

When filling piggy banks, don’t put in too much value. This will result in piggy bank 10 coins empty and a silver coin at the bottom.

If you have neatly stacked or separated coins, you can quickly sort them by throwing them on an empty chest. Then, drag them out to the desired locations.


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