Fortnite – How to Master Fortnite Quests in Season 4 of Chapter 4

Fortnite – How to Master Fortnite Quests in Season 4 of Chapter 4 1 -
Fortnite – How to Master Fortnite Quests in Season 4 of Chapter 4 1 -

How to Master Fortnite Quests in Season 4 of Chapter 4

So, Last Resort season in Fortnite is here, and guess what? A new set of quests is in town! From stuff you know to some fresh challenges, you’re in for some fun. First up, we’ve got the Kickstart quests to help you move up the ladder faster. Nail these quests, and medals plus some cool back blings will be yours. But wait, there’s more! We’ve got the regular storyline quests, the trusty Weekly quests, and the overall progress quests. A twist? Weekly quests now come in three sets with a bonus trial to finish them off.

What’s Up in Week 1?

Week 1 is all about a blend of robbery and weapon tasks. Your mission? Hunt down five Heist Bags, claim points, and take down rivals using shotguns, DMRs, or snipers. And here’s a pro tip: Use a Rare weapon or better. The cherry on top? For the bonus trial, find yourself a Mythic or Exotic weapon from Thorne’s Stronghold. Sounds like a blast, right?

Okay, so some Fortnite quests might feel like a walk in the park. Others? Not so much. But here’s some good news: Quests are easier to find and follow now. No need to chase down Fortnite characters anymore. Just hit up the quests section from your primary or pause menu; all the details are right there. And the best part? Completing these quests gets you loads of XP and some rad rewards.

But let’s dive deeper into the types of quests you’ll bump into this season:

Where to Begin? Kickstart Quests:

Want some quick XP? These are your go-to! With Kickstart quests, you’re jumping into actions like searching for chests, facing opponents, dishing out damage, and checking out new places. Oh, and don’t forget tasks like activating Fortnite Augments, knocking out rivals, and running around.

What’s the Story? Snapshots Quests:

Here’s where you get into the real juice of the game. Help out characters, uncover the story, and grab some new abilities. The fun stuff in Snapshot quests includes messing with security cams, teaming up with folks like Nolan Chance, smashing turrets, hunting safes, and taking out enemies silently.

Back for More? Weekly Quests:

Weekly quests are back with their OG name, and they’re sticking around. Nail five out of the six weekly tasks, and you’ll snag a bonus trial and a sweet level up token. These quests? They’re about visiting places, breaking stuff, and cruising in vehicles.

This season in Fortnite is packed with quests to keep you hooked. Dive in, ace those quests, and maximize the awesome rewards. Game on!

Oh, and here’s a peek into Week 1 tasks:

Week 1

1 of 2 – Hunt for Heist Bags, target is 5 bags.
2 of 2 – Strap on a Rare item (or better) and travel 1,000 units.
1 of 2 – Using shotguns, take down enemies from 15 meters or closer. Target? 5 downs.
2 of 2 – Get on the hiring spree! Aim for 3 character hires.
1 of 2 – Use DMRs or snipers and target 500 points of damage.
2 of 2 – Lockdown 5 capture points.
Trial – With a Mythic or Exotic weapon, drop 5 rivals.

What’s New in Fortnite Milestones Quests?

The Fortnite Milestones quests got a makeover. Forget about a never-ending list, now we’ve got tasks neatly tucked under three cool categories. Let’s break it down:

Up for a Challenge? Challenge Quests:

Activate Augments: Do this 10 times.
Collect Items: Gather up 50 items.
Destroy Objects: Break apart 250 things.
Gain Shields: Rack up 500 shield points.

Feeling Fierce? Combat Quests:

Damage Opponents: Hit for 1,500 damage points.
Eliminate Opponents: Send 15 rivals packing.
Headshot Opponents: Get 25 perfect shots.
Outlast Opponents: Stay in the game longer than 250 others.

Let’s Roam! Exploration Quests:

Travel Distance: Go 5,000 units far.
Open Chests at Landmarks: Find and open 15 chests.
Open Chests in Named Locations: Hunt 25 chests in special spots.
Visit Landmarks: Check out 10 unique landmarks.
Visit Named Locations: Wander through 15 specific places.


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