Folklore Hunter – Bloodfang Forest Map Walkthrough

Folklore Hunter – Bloodfang Forest Map Walkthrough 2 -
Folklore Hunter – Bloodfang Forest Map Walkthrough 2 -

Welcome to this post Everything you need to know about Folklore Hunter – Bloodfang Forest Map Walkthrough may be found in this guide. Take each step in accordance with this guidance.

In this guide, you will find helpful advice, important points of interest, and an updated map layout for the Bloodfang Forest. Please note that there may be spoilers included.

Bloodfang Forest Walkthrough

Though traveling and shooting strange vampiric creatures is thrilling, be mindful that your ammunition may soon run out. Remember the Bloodmist.
The village is often the best starting point when nightfall hits, which usually falls between 06:00 pm and 07:30 pm. Since there’s no vampiric beast lair nearby, no daytime wandering concerns should arise; though keep in mind all vampiric beast lairs do allow their creatures to roam during daylight hours.

Bloodmist events begin around night 2 and can last for several minutes, spawning vampiric beasts which are only hit once (to our relief!). Furthermore, if any haunting master vampiric beast has yet to be vanquished during this event it may reappear among its regular victims.

As opposed to earlier versions of the game, finding the pickaxe is no longer required and I was never able to come across one; whether they have removed it is unknown. Salt cubes found since Bloodfang Forest map release can now be found within mines that require dynamite to blow (found near mini angel outside mines). Others can be found within mysterious areas and will be necessary for ritual at end.

Ammunition, cameras and batteries can be found inside crates along roads and buildings outside and inside, in small bags in buildings near the bottom left corner and deer/elf can be hunted for meat to set on traps similar to the Wendigo map.

Be wary of totems. Much like the Wendigo, these vampiric beasts use those totems to map your location. Turn them away and you may have better luck.

You must collect three separate elements to make an amulet for the church inside the village below where you spawn. To obtain these components, you must slay three major vampiric creatures. Each beast can be located in a graveyard or a mine. Be aware of that mine; it has a few halls through which the beast can travel and appear elsewhere. Once you’ve found all of these parts, place them on the glowing portion within the church to obtain the amulet of the curse.

To enter the mystery place, you must have the entire amulet. When you enter, you are given a warning. BE SILENT AND STAY STILL. Take that seriously; once inside, you’ll save ammo. Crossbow bolts should be saved because they deliver more harm. Staying still helps you because the beast inside here has ruined your vision. Inside this catacomb, there are several little ritual blood sacrifice sites to fulfill before going on to the combination puzzle. This puzzle contains clues throughout, but once finished, you will unlock the location where the ceremony will take place.

To make the ritual work, you’ll need the salt cubes from previously. Light the torches and provide blood to the sites inside, then lure the beast inside. When the beast is inside this circle, you will deal extra damage to it. Unlike the Wendigo, you must kill this beast, and it will flee in order to destroy the salt that powers the ritual. You’ll need additional salt to finish the beast, which you should have enough of even if you’re playing single.


Red – Locations of the vampiric beasts

Green – Church

Blue – Salt cube locations

Purple – House with bullet pouches

Folklore Hunter - Bloodfang Forest Map Walkthrough - Map - CD88622

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