Shadows of Doubt – Slam Uses and Advantages

Shadows of Doubt – Slam Uses and Advantages 1 -
Shadows of Doubt – Slam Uses and Advantages 1 -

Welcome to this post In this guide, we will tell you all about Shadows of Doubt – Slam Uses and Advantages. Following this guide step by step.

Learn the most powerful way to get into places. You can subdue janitors and enforcers with equal force.


Today you will learn about the “Ding-Dong Slam”, also known as “The Slam”, a significant move in Shadows of Doubt. We will refer to this move as “The Slam”. This is a situational action that can be both funny and useful.

What is The Slam

The first question you might have is “What is the slam, and how can I do it?” It is a simple move that does not require any upgrades. The Slam works for both private homes and businesses. But here are some steps on how to perform The Slam.

1. Knock on the target’s front door (this part is called ding dong).

2. Wait for the door to be unlocked, but most importantly, wait for them. They must be the other side.

3. Barge (sprint to it and right-click) the door when closed. Yes, even an unlocked door can be barged. The vigor-sync disk can be used to barge a door in a single attempt even before the target unlocks the lock.

Result: – A door will knock the victim out slammed against their face. From here, you can cuff and run through the place.

The main uses and advantages

You might think: “I already have my truncheons or tenacity… What use is this?” The Slam may seem like a good idea, but you should consider the following details before using a truncheon or nightstick.

1. The Slam is not assault. As far as is known, if the victim is not cuffed and there are no witnesses to their unconsciousness, they will trigger the alarm upon waking up. If you want to avoid using handcuffs on every guy you intrude into your home, you can do this.

2. Anyone on the other side of the door, who is supposed to have been there, will answer it. Knock on the doors of Management offices. You can also use this to disarm enforcers who insist on staying inside an apartment when a crime is taking place (and steal the gun for extra money) or to make sure that no one will be home to witness you sneaking in and out, slamming a door on your face if someone is. Need to arrest somebody? Slam the front door on them and cuff their hands… or slam with your partner.

3. People will open the door. You’ll be able to enter their workplace or home with ease. Usually, a simple way to set off an alarm is to beat them in the corridor, but with this move, you can get inside and disable your resident instantly. Sometimes, other residents will not respond to the barging because it is not loud. You can pick a lock, navigate the mazes of vents, and try to locate a key… however, this could leave you with a person who is aware on the outside. This one ensures you have at least a few minutes of quiet AND an uncluttered entry.

4. It’s hilarious. Do not look at me and say that the sight of someone flying ten-feet backward and then crumpling down in a heap in front of you would not belong in a comedy. You may struggle to do exactly what you wanted the first time as you see your suspect ragdolling before you. This is one of those moves you do just because. Also, it’s safer… as the struggle with a man holding a gun will either attract assistance or leave you in need for bandages.

The conclusion of the article is:

The Ding-Dong Slam can be used anywhere. You can even use it when you’re being pursued if you lock the front door and barge through it vigorously as they try it on the backside. It works best in residential apartments.

You can also add the funny detail “The enforcers rushed me to it” to your investigation. A man may only see three options. But I saw one… and it was the idiot who came when I rang the doorbell. Then he was knocked by the door. He had an excellent gun.” Your investigation revealed many sordid facts.

Happy Slams everyone!

Shadows of Doubt – Slam Uses and Advantages is described in this guide. If you notice anything that needs to be fixed or updated, please let us know in the comments, and we’ll get to it as quickly as possible. May this be a good day for you. The inspiration for this piece came from the author/creator Stim The One. Don’t forget to add us to your bookmarks if you like the post; we update regularly with fresh stuff.

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