ELEX II – Heavy weapons damage info

ELEX II – Heavy weapons damage info 1 - steamlists.com
ELEX II – Heavy weapons damage info 1 - steamlists.com

Hello and welcome to this ELEX II – Heavy weapons damage info guide.

Heavy weapons are cool, but they aren’t the best choice as your primary weapon. They are more often employed in emergencies, however heavy weapons can be very useful in situations where the situation is extremely critical.


Heavy weapons can do quite a bit of damage, some even AOE damage. However, they have one major disadvantage you can’t fly, or run with a Heavy Weapon. They’re great for kicking off combat and dealing enormous damage, but if you need to move due to the fact that your adversary is shooting at or getting close to it, you will require lighter weapons.

Please note that Grenade Launchers are not heavy weapons!


Ammo = Slugthrower Ammo

The most powerful of the heavy weapons. The weapon is reliable and can stun your enemies. Buy all Slugthrower Ammo you come across. Or craft it however, you’ll need to download the mod from Nexus that will balance the cost of crafting ammo with the reward you get from crafting.

Rocket launchers

Ammo = Rocket

Rocket launchers work well. Their damage is greater than that of Slugthrowers, however their capacity is smaller, so you’ll need to recharge more frequently; 2deg Their fire rate is lower. So while rocket launchers deal more damage, slugthrowers deal more damage per second. Rocket launchers do have a great AOE effect and the rockets stun anything they hit.


Ammo = Spear

Spearguns are excellent. Although you can only load one spear at a single time and reloading times are very short (similar to bows). They have an attractive stun effect but no AOE.

Flak Cannons

Ammo = Cannon Ammunition

What’s the matter? …? It appears that sparks are coming out of the barrel when you shoot the flak gun. This means that you don’t see a projectile but the enemies do suffer. Flak cannons do not have a stun effect. In the end beware of these weapons that aren’t very impressive.

Plasma Cannons

Ammo = Plasma Cell

Plasma cannons are dangerous, so beware of them! The plasma rarely hits the enemy , and even when it does, it has no stun effect.

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