Diablo 4 – How to find Crushed Beast Bones?

Diablo 4 – How to find Crushed Beast Bones? 2 - steamlists.com
Diablo 4 – How to find Crushed Beast Bones? 2 - steamlists.com

Mastering Diablo 4: Health Potions & Crushed Beast Bones Guide

Welcome to your ultimate guide for Diablo 4. Let’s kick things off with an essential survival element: health potions. When you play Diablo 4 for the first time, the game will teach you the ins and outs of enhancing your health potions. This upgrade process boosts their healing capabilities, ensuring you stay alive on your perilous journey. One of these healing potions, the Light Healing Potion – unlocked at level 30 – requires a rather elusive item: the Crushed Beast Bone.

Through this detailed Diablo 4 guide, we will simplify the process of collecting these Crushed Beast Bones and upgrading your potions.

Locating Crushed Beast Bones in Diablo 4

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On closer inspection of the game’s tooltip, you’ll find a mention of Crushed Beast Bones, indicating that they often drop from slain beasts, animals, and werecreatures. However, the game leaves out a crucial piece of information – there’s another enemy that’s not only relatively easy to vanquish but also rewards you with a whopping five Crushed Beast Bones upon defeat.

Remember, you can’t augment your potions’ strength until you reach level 30. Once you attain this level, you should find yourself in Scosglen, making your way toward Act II of the story. In the eastern part of Scosglen’s Highland Wilds, you will find a waypoint named “Under the Fat Goose Inn.” Make your way there, either by teleportation or exploration.


Diablo 4 – How to find Crushed Beast Bones? 3 - steamlists.com
Diablo 4 – How to find Crushed Beast Bones? 3 – steamlists.com

From the waypoint, if you travel east through The Highland Wilds, steering clear of The Shrouded Moors to the north, you’ll reach your destination – a part of the map known as “The Scar.” This region stands out, characterized by its charred, volcano-esque terrain. Once there, move northwards alongside the wall until you encounter the actual volcano, some lava, and finally, the boss you’re seeking – Gaspar Stillbian.

Gaspar is a level 35 boss but unlike other games, he scales according to your level. Interestingly, Gaspar doesn’t attack, even if provoked. However, the other enemies in the vicinity can pose a significant challenge, especially if you’re only level 30. Be wary of the nearby mini-event involving a demonic shaman, which can be quite bothersome.

Eliminate Gaspar, and you’ll be rewarded with five Crushed Beast Bones. This bounty makes him an excellent target for players aiming to upgrade their potions. Moreover, Gaspar consistently drops five Crushed Beast Bones every time he’s defeated, making him a reliable source for your potion upgrades. If he’s not present upon your arrival, wait a few minutes for him to respawn.

Farming Crushed Beast Bones

Chasing Gaspar might seem like a daunting task just for a crafting resource. We agree it’s arguably the toughest endeavor we’ve come across for improving a potion’s quality. But before you reconsider upgrading your potion until you’ve amassed five Crushed Beast Bones, think again. We found that waiting for Crushed Beast Bones to drop during gameplay naturally is an excruciatingly slow process.

A possible alternative is to frequent an area teeming with beasts, primarily in Scosglen or the Dry Steppes. You can defeat hordes of these beasts in the hope of obtaining Crushed Beast Bones. This method also allows you to farm Grim Favors to unlock the Tree of Whispers in these regions. Nevertheless, we recommend considering this as a passive farming activity, something you engage in only when not actively hunting for Crushed Beast Bones. Beast drop rates are notoriously low, which is why eliminating Gaspar remains the most assured drop source we’ve found thus far.


Q: Can I upgrade my health potions before reaching level 30?
A: No, the game only allows you to upgrade your potions after reaching level 30.

Q: Where can I find Gaspar Stillbian?
A: Gaspar can be found in a region known as “The Scar” in the Highland Wilds area of Scosglen.

Q: How often does Gaspar respawn?
A: If defeated, Gaspar typically takes a few minutes to respawn.

Q: Can I farm Crushed Beast Bones from regular beasts?
A: Yes, you can obtain Crushed Beast Bones by defeating beasts. However, the drop rates are relatively low.

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