Diablo 4 – How to redeem Deluxe & Ultimate pre-order rewards in-game

Diablo 4 – How to redeem Deluxe & Ultimate pre-order rewards in-game 1 - steamlists.com
Diablo 4 – How to redeem Deluxe & Ultimate pre-order rewards in-game 1 - steamlists.com

Hey there, gaming enthusiasts! Buckle up because this is a big day. June 6, 2023, mark your calendars, as that’s the long-anticipated day we’ve been waiting for – the official release of Diablo 4! Oh, I can relate if you’re filled with the same electrifying anticipation as I had while playing the open and closed betas. Nothing could compare to the twinge of jealousy as I watched my friends already immersed in the early gameplay.

Worry not if you ordered the Digital Deluxe or the mighty Ultimate Edition – early access is your VIP pass! Plus, there’s some cool loot waiting for you. So let’s dive in to understand how to claim your Deluxe and Ultimate pre-order rewards in-game.


How to Claim Diablo IV Digital Deluxe and Ultimate Pre-Order Rewards

The path to redeeming your Diablo 4 Deluxe & Ultimate pre-order rewards is relatively straightforward. Here’s your mini walkthrough:

  1. Start by completing the prologue. This is your entry ticket.
  2. Then, go to Kyovashad, the majestic capital of the Fractured Peaks.
  3. Once there, deliver the Strange Amulet to Lorath. This will unlock your rewards.
  4. Check your inventory right after this; your rewards should be there (and in the emote menu if you’re playing the Ultimate Edition).

And voila! You’ve got your rewards. Wondering how to style your Wolf Pup with cosmetics? Well, the process is just the same!


Unlocking Light Bearer and Temptation’s Mounts in Diablo IV

You might think, “I’ve claimed my rewards, but where are my mounts?” If you’ve ordered the Digital Deluxe edition, you’re supposed to receive the Light Bearer and the caparison of Faith Mount Armor. And if you’re an Ultimate Edition player, you also get the Temptation and the Hellborn Carapace Mount Armor.

I admit it was initially a head-scratcher, but let me help clarify things.

You’ll need to hold your horses (literally!) until you reach the 4th Act of Diablo 4. Only then can you unlock the “Mount: Donan’s Favor” quest in Kyovashad. Your next stop? Kyovashad Cathedral. Chat with Donan, then find Oskar, the Stable Master in the stable. He’s the guy who’ll help you finally claim your mounts.

And there you have it, your roadmap to claiming all those pre-order rewards and mounts in Diablo 4! Now, let’s get gaming, shall we?

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