Deflector – How to unlock Spark guide

Deflector – How to unlock Spark guide 1 -
Deflector – How to unlock Spark guide 1 -

Hello and welcome, We’ll discuss the Deflector – How to unlock Spark guide in this post, and we sincerely hope you find it helpful.

This guide will show you how to unlock Spark. Although the tool-tip is vague, it states that you can find the missing bioshell.


To find a code, you will ultimately need to follow the eggs (will be explained below).


EVERY CODE IS THE AME! You can skip the entire guide and just read this section!

This code will unlock Spark by entering it in a Safe Point’ within Magnetic Fields.

– CODE: 7293

– In the north-western section of the “Safe Point”, there are interactable pillar-like objects that have a color and a screen with a code screen. Each digit has matching colors. Enter the code together with the matching numbers!

– Enjoy 🙂 Hope I helped!

Living Entrails

Each Experiment begins with a robot asking you to find the bioshell missing.

– Enter the Living Enrails and walk immediately into the blood waterfall in spawn zone.

– Talk to the NPC

After defeating a large spider, an NPC will tell you to follow the mushrooms.

– Enter Hollow Hive

Hollow Hive

You must defeat the spider boss before you can pick up the mutation. There is a path that will take you to the beginning of the room.

Follow the path to find one egg with two missing eggs.

– The egg tells you to “Find the missing eggs”

– Enter the Toxic Sea

Toxic Sea (Code).

Do not leave the Toxic Sea’s spawning zone!

– Walk south-east to the toxic sea from where you spawn.

– Follow the platforms around to the main island (the one where you spawned).

– Your screen will zoom out and you will find an egg. Follow the two eggs to the north-east.

– A code will be provided.

– DISCLAIMER! I don’t know if all codes are identical. My code was identical in two different runs. My Code: 7293

Magnetic Fields – Register

Magnetic Fields

Find your way to a Safe Point

– Each Safe Point has a code mechanism. If you have missed one, you can always go to the next.

– In accordance with the color combination, enter the Code from The Toxic Sea.

– Now you can unlock Spark:

You can either end your run here, or continue, it doesn’t matter. The character is now available.

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