DEATHLOOP – Loop Video Tutorial + Runthrough

DEATHLOOP – Loop Video Tutorial + Runthrough 1 -
DEATHLOOP – Loop Video Tutorial + Runthrough 1 -

Guide on how to escape in only 7 loops (or 4 if you don’t count the Prologue).

Video Guide

This is my runthrough of Deathloop. I decided to try and break the loop as efficiently as possible and I broke it on Loop 7! The first one is fully scripted, and Loop 2 and 3 have pretedermined destinations, so you are only fully free to explore from Loop 4 onward.

Just a disclaimer, this is NOT a speedrun – I take my time, sneak around, have fun and have some more fun and have some fun in the process… Below is a full breakdown of my approach. Enjoy!


Loop 1 starts at

in the video and is fully scripted, so have fun!


LOOP 2 starts at

in the video and is partially scripted.

1. Updaam – Morning

  • Reveal the RAK door
  • Visit Colt’s flat
  • Prevent the fire to Otto’s

2. The Complex – Noon

  • Visit the Loop Control Center and watch the explanation

3. Fristad Rock – Afternoon

  • Get info on the LPP from the AEON Program’s Security Office
  • Reveal the code for Charlie’s safe in Karl’s Bay at the bunker

4. Updaam – Evening

  • Check Colt’s safe at his flat
  • Visit Otto’s to find the code to access the fireworks
  • Get Aleksis’ safe code from his room



Loop 3 starts at

in the video and is partially scripted.

1. Updaam – Morning

  • Visit Colt’s flat and check the safe

2. The Complex – Afternoon

  • Kill all Wenjies and complete the experiment



Loop 4 starts at

in the video and this is the point from which you can collect the rest of the clues in any order.

1. Karl’s Bay – Morning

  • Open Charlie’s safe and find clues on the cipher

2. Fristad Rock – Noon

  • Reveal the symbols for Fia’s cipher

3. Updaam – Afternoon

  • Visit the archivist’s office
  • Retrieve the code for the power stations’ controls from RAK

4. The Complex – Evening

  • Get the password to Egor’s hidden device from his notes
  • (Optional) Pick up the silenced LIMP-10



Loop 5 starts at

in the video.

1. The Complex – Morning

  • Power up Updaam and Karl’s Bay’s power stations

2. Updaam – Noon

  • Visit the Yasen Station
  • Kill Charlie and take his Slab (this may be optional but Shift is very useful later on, so I never tried to skip it)

3. The Complex – Afternoon

  • Get clues for Wenjie’s wish from her room

4. Karl’s Bay – Evening

  • Visit the Akkar Station



Loop 6 starts at

in the video.

1. The Complex – Morning

  • Power up The Complex and Fristad Rock’s power stations
  • Visit the HZN Station

2. Updaam – Noon

  • Take the Aleksis statuette from the safe to 2-BIT
  • Instruct 2-BIT to play the recording to “Give Wenjie what she wants”

3. Fristad Rock – Afternoon

  • Visit the Sova Station



Loop 7 – the final loop starts at

in the video.

1. Karl’s Bay – Morning

  • Sabotage Frank’s fireworks (rain flaps)
  • Prevent fire at Otto’s workshop
  • Kill Harriet

2. The Complex – Noon

  • Ruin Egor’s experiment

3. Fristad Rock – Afternoon

  • Enter the bunker and flood it to kill Charlie and Fia

4. Updaam – Evening

  • Crash the party and kill Wenjie, Egor and Aleksis
  • Go to RAK and launch away from Updaam

5. Somewhere – Sometime

  • Pick the ending of your choice!

That’s it! Have you found a faster way to break the loop? Please share below if you have so I can try it out.

Written by nekov4ego

This is all about DEATHLOOP – Loop Video Tutorial + Runthrough; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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