DEATHLOOP – How to Set Smooth Frame Rate + Tweaks

DEATHLOOP – How to Set Smooth Frame Rate + Tweaks 1 -
DEATHLOOP – How to Set Smooth Frame Rate + Tweaks 1 -

If you notice that the frames are high but the game feels stutter or not smooth in general, this guide is for you.

These are some of the suggestions people gave me and they seem to help the game run a tad bit better.

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1) Limit your frames to 60

2) Turn on Vsync in the Nvidia/AMD control panel

3) Turn Nvidia Reflex to On+Boost

4) Turn Low Latency Mode On (According to some people this can make it worse so depending on what you notice change this.)

5) Turn FSR on if you don’t mind the game getting blurry even at Ultra Quality. If you are playing at 4K enable it.

6) Make sure you have AMD/Nvidia’s latest drivers installed


Additional Tip:

Others have mentioned that the micro-stutters that some people are seeing on their high end machine could be due to a lack of mouse smoothing in the engine (in addition to other things probably) because switching to controller alleviates some of the issues.

I was using a wireless Logitech mouse (not gaming class) which has a pretty terrible DPS and polling rate, then I switched to my Razer DeathAdder Elite and set the DPS tp 4500 and polling rate to 1000hz and low and behold my stutters were almost non-existent (V-Sync Off, averaging 70-80FPS on 3080 gaming laptop).

I set the in-game mouse sensitivity to 2 to compensate for the high DPS and it’s actually feeling really good. Very smooth performance in-game. Not Doom Eternal smooth, but way better than before.

I’m running at 1440p, with RayTracing Performance Mode on ambient occlusion, and most settings either Ultra or Very High. No v-sync or adaptive resolution, motion blur turned off.

All suggestions are welcome and please do correct me if anything on here is wrong or counterproductive. Hope you have a smooth experience playing Deathloop!

By UnL1k3

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about DEATHLOOP – How to Set Smooth Frame Rate + Tweaks; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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