Death Realm – Basic Controls in Game

Death Realm – Basic Controls in Game 1 -
Death Realm – Basic Controls in Game 1 -

Im making this guide since there’s no ‘tutorial’ level for the game and the ‘help’ tab does not describe a few things such as what a few buttons exactly do. I enjoy this game so I decided i’d make a guide for it so people can try it out without being confused!

Basic Controls

Keys W A S D: Player movement
Mouse: camera adjustment
C : combat state (in and out)
Left click: Basic attack (combat state only)
Right click: Block (combat state only)
Spacebar: Jump
Left Shift + Player movement key(s): Dodge (The movement keys define which direction you will be dodging)|(You can only dodge if you are in combat state)
F: Sheath/Unsheathe Sword
Q: Lock on
Left Alt: Walk/Run Toggle
P: Pause Game/Unpause game
Number 0: Photo mode

Player Skills:

Level 0/1:
E: Stealth Kill (Lock on to the target with Q and go behind un-aggro’d target and press E on button prompt for stealth kill)
Number 4: Throw an object to distract enemies
Level 2
Hold Left click: Heavy attack
Spacebar during combat state: Dodge
Level 3
Number 2: Activate or Deactivate ‘Fatality’ skill (Fatality, when active can instantly kill an enemy with an auto executed combo upon landing the first hit with basic attack)
Level 4
Number 1: Berserker mode (Increases Player’s overall power (Attack speed, Attack damage, Movement speed)

Game Tips:

– The normal dodge, at level 0 and 1 have a shorter iframe, whereas the roll dodge at level 2 has a longer iframe. (Iframe means immunity frame, which makes your player invincible to all damage for a set amount of frames)
– You can only get Player XP from killing the Black Knight mobs
– XP resets upon death
– Enemies get aggro’d only if you attack. The zombie enemies do not get aggro’d by footsteps, however, the Black Knight enemies do.
– The player will get CC’d and is unable to attack if you take any form of damage. The only action you can perform is walking if you are attacked.
– In the pause menu, you can save your game at any moment. It will save your player location but not your level.

That’s about it, I’ll make a boss guide once a few more bosses are added and controller guide since the game has full controller support now.
Bye bye~



Written by Lil ricardo

This is all about Death Realm – Basic Controls in Game; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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