Dead Space – Lost Save Data Restore Guide

Dead Space – Lost Save Data Restore Guide 1 -
Dead Space – Lost Save Data Restore Guide 1 -

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The Issue

The problem arises after the game is closed. In my case, this was when I crashed. The game will then restart from the start if you open it again. However, the game won’t delete the data.

Game is, in essence blind.

The Solution



  1. navigate to your Save Data folder.
  2. This folder is located in your documents directory.
  3. Go to Dead Space (2023 > settings > Steam)

There should be multiple.sav folders. Knowing which files you have is helpful, but it shouldn’t be difficult to determine which ones are yours. I am not aware of the exact details of which file(s) I need to save. I have already identified everything that was there when I saved it.

back that β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯ up. It’s easy to see the possibilities.

After that, you will need to play the game until the first manual saving point. This is located right after you obtain the Plasma Cutter. Save, then quit.

The new Chapter 1 save should be found in your saved folder. Then delete it. I also pasted all the files to add some extra security, but you may not need to do this.

It is important to note that I also disabled Steam Cloud for good measures, but I am not sure if that is problematic.

Now, open the game once again. If the process is successful, it will be immediately apparent. This method is very easy and has no downsides. This isn’t an important detail, but it is something you should mention in case someone asks how you got to chapter 4 in 50 mins.

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