Dead Space – How to Play Using DXVK

Dead Space – How to Play Using DXVK 1 -
Dead Space – How to Play Using DXVK 1 -

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This game can be played on DXVK provided you have the right equipment

Download dxvk-async – []

Download vkd3d-proton – []

Google “7-zip.zst” to discover 7-zip that is able to compress.zst.

Place “dxgi.dll” and “D3D12.dll” in the game folder, with”Dead Space.exe”. Create a file called “dxvk.conf” in the same folder. Open it using a notebook and add the following line: “DXVK_ASYNC=1”.

A warning

1. first delete the Configuration file “ProfileOptions_profile” in “%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Dead Space (2023 – \settings\steam” reset the graphics settings.

2. in-game v-sync on

3. No more upscale, and not even dynamic resolution scalers, crashes the game.

4. You only have the medium preset. Anything higher than medium will cause your game to crash.

5. Returning to the menu will cause a crash to your game.

6. There are some big STUTTERS and BIG FREEZEs however this only occurs only once.

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